5 Bands Join the Tamarac Rock N’ Ride Battle: Full Lineup Here

5 Bands Join the Tamarac Rock N’ Ride Battle: Full Lineup Here

The Chans

By Agrippina Fadel

From alternative rock to punk and rap, the Rock N’ Ride Battle in Tamarac will have a diverse roster of performers after five bands registered to bring it all for the big show.

Held on Saturday, August 20, from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Tamarac Sports Complex, the Rock N’ Ride Battle combines a live battle of local bands and a competitive car show.

The entertainment also includes a special performance by the Happy Daze Band, inflatable rides for the kids, and an impressive lineup of local food trucks.

Here are the participating bands.

5 Bands Join the Tamarac Rock N’ Ride Battle: Full Lineup Here 1



A Boca Raton-based band, AWALL, was founded in 2017 when all five members were in high school.

Chris, Tanner, Pablo, Steven, and Connor play “alternative rock with flavors of classic rock, grunge, and metal.”

The band of brothers has put in countless hours over the years to solidify a solid sound and performance.

“We are five lavishly good-looking and talented studs hoping to give you the time of your life. We look forward to shredding it on the stage,” said the band’s representative.

5 Bands Join the Tamarac Rock N’ Ride Battle: Full Lineup Here

The Chans

The Chans 

With members from Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, and Margate, The Chans consider themself a Broward band. The musicians met at Coral Springs High and have been playing together since 2018 and performing since 2019.

The band has four members: Matt Molinas on lead guitar and vocals, Kylan Spence on lead vocals and bass, Brandon Santos on guitar, and Christian Muñoz on drums. The Chans are a Garage Rock band with “hints of punk, surf, psych, and rock n roll.”

“Being crowned as winners of the Battle of the Bands would mean our hard work would have paid off,” said Molinas.

He added that the band’s sound is unique to Broward County and South Florida, and The Chans hope to bring their music to a broader audience.

“Winning Rock N’ Ride Battle would be a bigger step in that direction,” said Molinas.

5 Bands Join the Tamarac Rock N’ Ride Battle: Full Lineup Here 2

In Phases

In Phases

Founded in 2019, In Phases is a genre-fluid band with music blending inspiration from rock, alternative, rap, electronic, and even metal. The band is based out of Hollywood and has three members.

Guitarist and Vocalist Alex Hall composes music and is accompanied by Jake Tyler on drums and Aaron Cowans on bass.

“We believe we deserve to win Battle of the Bands because we take our craft seriously, both in our musicality and performance,” said Cowans. “We hope to leave our audience well-entertained, inspired by our creativity, and hungry for more.”

5 Bands Join the Tamarac Rock N’ Ride Battle: Full Lineup Here 3

Lost at C

Lost at C

Formed as a performance group in 2018 when members were between the ages of 9 – 11, Lost at C is comprised of six musicians from all over South Florida. The band’s home base is ASM Music School in Cooper City.

David, 14, plays bass; Emily, 16, and Maddie, 13, and on guitar; Khalil, 16, and Sabrina, 17, are on keyboards; Hope, 17, is on drums, and all members are on vocals.

“We cover whatever tunes strike our fancy, usually upbeat crowd-pleasers. We’ve run the gamut from Kansas to Arctic Monkeys; Red Hot Chilly Peppers to Olivia Rodrigo; and Stevie Wonder to Paramore,” said the band’s director Michelle Dessimoz.

She added that Lost at C deserves to win the Battle of the Bands because it is a group of young humans who, despite vastly different home lives, school lives, and even social lives, “come together and work hard, play hard, and serve their community by sharing their love of learning and performing music.”

5 Bands Join the Tamarac Rock N’ Ride Battle: Full Lineup Here 4

Leo N’ SoFlo Players {Courtesy}

Leo N’ SoFlo Players

Founded 11 years ago, Leo N’ SoFlo Players has five members from Tamarac and all over South Florida. The band plays R&B, Jazz, and Latin Fusion.

“We are diverse in our stylings and professional in delivering pure Live Music,” said the band’s representative, Sinclair Homes.

The judges determine which bands compete in the finals. Any band can participate, but all must have at least three members, with at least two playing live instruments. The song lyrics and the behavior on stage must be family-friendly.

The car show part of the event is open to all makes and models. All participating vehicles must register with Cobra Joe Productions. The registration fee is $25, and the judges will choose the Top 40 cars and award one Best of Show Trophy.

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