Kings Point Resident Finds Options For Charter School Location


By: Sharon Aron Baron

Many Kings Point residents have asked the City why they are choosing to take land from the beautiful Sports Complex, lease it out to a school, when there are so many City lands available.  The City manager has told residents there are no other lands available for a charter school and therefore the sacrificial lamb must be the park.

Well, he didn’t say the sacrificial lamb part.

State-StreetKings Point resident Norman Zagorsky wrote Tamarac Talk and thought there was another option that the City wasn’t disclosing: land located at 10101 State Street that is City owned on Nob Hill. He feels that is sufficient for a school and close to Plum Bay and Plum Harbor.

“No reason why Doral can’t be given that land to use rather than the Sports complex,” he said.

I’m not sure what the land is zone for, but whether it’s zone for a school or industrial is no problem.  The commission could get that changed in just a couple days.

There is City land everywhere. They could even lease part of the many acres they own along Commercial boulevard which they hope to create the new “Tamarac Village.” Doral could be built be close to Challenger Elementary and Millennium Middle.  They could negotiate with Doral for just a Charter high school and we could have a whole academic center over on 94th ave and Commercial.  They should call it “Tamarac Academic Village.”  That would make the most sense. 

But is any sense possible here in Tamarac?

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Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron
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