Letters to the Editor: 2 Residents Disagree with Commissioner Marlon Bolton’s Position on Overnight Parking


From the Editor:

In our recent opinion piece Putting Tougher Restrictions On Overnight Parking in Tamarac by Commissioner Marlon Bolton, a couple of residents vehemently disagree with his position.

“This is such a one-sided opinion piece by Mr. Bolton, which contains patently false information.

It is the residents of the City who requested the expansion of the hours. The writer of the article wanted to eliminate ALL restrictions on parking on city streets, but the citizenry strongly opposed his proposal, and proposed the expansion of the restricted parking hours! Parking tickets are NOT $122.

No one is going to be able to park on private streets unless they happen to live in that gated community, whichever it is. And they have their own parking restrictions that must be adhered to.

Our public residential streets are narrow, and in the older communities, the lots are small. Parking on the street usually makes it difficult for the person across the street to exit their driveway. Room to maneuver is nonexistent.

It is difficult enough during daylight hours, but almost impossible at night. Our Fire-Rescue personnel has had to reverse their rescue trucks because the vehicle could not fit between the cars parked on the street.

This is a safety issue, and I thank the Mayor and Commissioners who voted YES.”From Patti Lynn, a 20-year resident and former Police Pension Board member.

“I’ve watched the City commission meetings and have always taken an active interest in our City.

David Mohabir

No matter what motion is made by the Mayor,

Bolton and Gelin oppose.

I live in a community where the street parking is out of control. The captain who spoke on behalf of BSO said ticketing was done mostly on the EAST side of Tamarac. Why? I haven’t a clue.

Mr. Gelin expressed his opinion that parking enforcement would take away from crime-fighting. That’s ridiculous. Years ago we had a department for ticketing. Reinstate it.

Small communities need parking enforcement.

Emergency vehicles can’t get through the streets, garbage trucks can’t pick up and piggy backing on driveways has to stop.

To Bolton and Gelin, please stop pandering to lazy people with cars that exceed the number of drivers, and encourage people to use their garages for cars instead of storage.

Do what’s best for the city and not your political careers.”Susan Emert – a 33-year resident of Tamarac.


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