Makin’ Bacon at Denny’s

Makin' Bacon at Denny's 2

This morning while dining at Denny’s I discovered a new food promotion that will harden anyone’s arteries: “Baconalia!  A Celebration of Bacon,” said the menu.  The Baconalia menu had an assortment of various types of bacon dishes including, bacon flapjacks, bacon meatloaf and the triple bacon sampler.  These bacon dishes will enhance your dining – and your waistline. While most restaurants are cutting the calories, Denny’s goes full-steam and gives their customers what they want, and not necessarily what they need.

According to Denny’s:

“Baconalia is set to send bacon lovers rejoicing with a sizzling celebration in honor of America’s love affair with bacon. The new menu boasts a medley of both traditional bacon favorites, such as Bacon Meatloaf, to more unconventional items such as the Maple Bacon Sundae – a classic ice cream sundae piled high with maple-flavored syrup and a generous sprinkling of hickory-smoked bacon – yes, Denny’s really did put bacon in everything.”

What really caught my eye, as well as turned my stomach,  was the table advertisement above the salt and pepper holder showcasing the new Maple Bacon Sundae. Yes, there is actually bacon on the sundae. Who would have thought that bacon could enhance your dessert experience.


I went online to find out how many calories the Maple Bacon Sundae has, and found the following nutritional information:

Calories – 810
Fat – 40
Saturated Fat – 21
Cholesterol – 150
Sodium – 460
Carbohydrates – 97
Fiber – 0
Sugar – 85

Thank goodness that Denny’s Baconalia is only a temporary promotion. With the preponderance of overweight children and adults in our country, Denny’s is trying to fatten us up even more.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 64%, of Americans are overweight or obese.  Looking around at the customers at Denny’s, I saw a good representation of those statistics.

Don’t forget, Denny’s offers other healthy meals including a veggie burger,  so you don’t have to carry around your defibrillator.

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