Resident’s Opinion: Vote For Gomez, Mendelson and Lanouette 


This is an opinion piece by a resident.  NOT an endorsement by Tamarac Talk.

By Patti Fox

With election season upon us,  our mailboxes, text messages, and social media have become inundated with puff pieces telling us to support a certain candidate or, worse, attacking another candidate.

These puff pieces are often riddled with lies, designed to persuade and manipulate our votes. Please follow the tried-and-true maxim, and don’t trust everything you read.

Having lived in Tamarac for almost 20 years, I have had the opportunity to watch our city’s politics devolve from civil and functioning to one rife with controversy, discord, and corruption.

I’ve given up on trying to understand a candidate’s position based on their web pages, mailers, or social media posts. This year, I’m casting my vote based on personal interactions I’ve had with the candidates and, more importantly, endorsements from groups I trust to evaluate the candidates on more than just their sensational campaign material.

Specifically, I’m trusting the police, fire, and educators, or more specifically, their unions and boards responsible for interviewing and recommending candidates) with my votes this year. They represent large blocks of industry professionals throughout Broward County and take their endorsements seriously. They interview and vet each candidate and make their endorsements for candidates who have proven they will work for the city’s best interest.

Broward Teacher’s Union – Mayor:  Michelle Gomez, District 4: Carol Mendelson, and District 2: Joseph Lanouette.

Metro Broward Professional Firefighters Local 3080 — Mayor:  Michelle Gomez, District 4: Carol Mendelson, and District 2: Joseph Lanouette.

International Union of Police Associations 6020 – Mayor:  Michelle Gomez, District 4: Carol Mendelson, and District 2: Joseph Lanouette. Note: the PBA initially endorsed Stuart Michelson for District 2 but, in an unprecedented move, rescinded their endorsement and then backed Joseph Lanouette.

It doesn’t come as a surprise to me that each of these trusted, and respected groups have separately endorsed the same candidates for the City of Tamarac’s elections. They see something in these candidates that shows their commitment to our safety and educational system.

Fellow Tamarac residents, I urge you not to cast your vote based on inflammatory pieces and false promises made by some candidates and to trust in the truth that will move our city forward in the right direction.

 I’m counting on you to keep our city safe and our education system in order through your vote!

Patti Fox has lived in Tamarac since 2004. She retired from her job in 2019 but soon went back to work in 2020. 

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Adam Baron Law
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