Shameful Robocalls Desperate Attempt to Win Primary

UPDATE:  According to Scott Israel’s campaign manager Amy Rose, all the dirt that is being spewed in the recent robocalls appears aimed at Granteed by a collection of political operatives that include Tallahassee consultant Todd Wilder.  Read more Broward Beat.

Don’t miss the well-timed new movie “The Campaign” starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis that was just released this weekend. This hysterical movie follows Will Ferrell as a hapless multi-term North Carolina Congressman who finds himself in a battle for votes with Galifianakis’ character who is just as clueless as the head of the state’s tourism board.

While this movie was way over the top in what candidates will do to one another, it isn’t far from the truth: Our elections in Broward County are getting ugly, and candidates, their campaign consultants, and phony fake PAC’s will do anything to win votes.

Take for instance the robocalls that have been going out in just a 24 hour period from what we believe are from Broward Sheriff’s candidate Scott Israel. If you are a Democrat in Broward County, then maybe you’ve received several calls from his team.   The problem is, they are thinly veiled to make you believe that they are from his opponent Louie Granteed.   In fact, if you hang up quickly, several of the robocalls will get just two words out before you do:  Louie Granteed.   This has probably fooled many voters into thinking that the robocalls were from Granteed.

I asked Granteed about the calls. He immediately responded and said they are not from him.  He says he never sends robocalls. The calls are from Scott Israel’s political action committees (PAC) with phony names.

Israel’s campaign is led by Amy Rose who is also campaign consultant for State House Candidate Louis Reinstein and School Board Candidate Abby Freedman.

Here is what the recording says:

Hello, I’m calling for Tea Party Miami, one of the largest and most active Tea Party organizations in South Florida. We recommend conservative law and order Democrat Louie Granteed for Broward County Sheriff.  Louie Granteed is a tough no-nonsense cop who won’t kowtow to minorities, civil liberties groups or good government types. Louie Granteed will crack down on illegal immigrants in Broward County. Please remember that Tea Party Miami recommends Louie Granteed for Broward County Sheriff. Paid for by Tea Party Miami 501C4 Organization”

The ads clearly wants Democrats to believe that the Tea Party is endorsing Granteed, which is it not.  For Democrats, the Tea Party is a bad word and anyone associated with it will not get their vote.

If in fact Israel has authorized these ads, shame on him for these misleading ads.    I hope no one falls for this trick.

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