One Resident’s Opinion: Stuart Michelson is the Best Choice for Tamarac District 2

Michelson Wins Endorsement of Major Police Union in Commission Race

Stuart Michelson, candidate for city commission District 2 in Tamarac.

This is an opinion piece by a resident.  NOT an endorsement by Tamarac Talk.

By Phil Daspit

With 41 years of experience working with local government, Stuart Michelson is by far the most qualified candidate to serve on the City Commission. He has also lived in Tamarac for 25 years and has been a resident of South Florida since 1975. He is passionate about protecting and preserving open and green spaces and has the knowledge and experience to make the changes we need.

Because of his experience, Stuart understands city government and knows what it takes to make it work for the people. He is committed to restoring civility at City Commission meetings because he knows our elected leaders can accomplish nothing if they are not willing to work together for the good of all. He supports abolishing the commissioners’ car allowance because city leaders should be focused less on benefits for themselves and more on how they can serve those they were elected to represent. Stuart Michelson is retired, so he is ready and able to put all his time and attention into serving the needs of our city’s residents.

The question is: are his opponents?

Joseph Lanouette is not fit to serve. Lanouette claims he was endorsed by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office (BSO) even though BSO does not endorse any candidate. Though he was appointed to the City’s Veterans Affairs Committee, City records show he didn’t attend any committee meetings in the past year. He shows a lack of commitment by not attending these meetings.

Lanouette’s resume just doesn’t add up. And to me, his questionable claims and his inability to correctly complete a simple candidate questionnaire prove that Lanouette is not fit for office. 

Tyneka Rene is a new resident in Tamarac. She owns a day spa and has no local government experience. My understanding is that she has never attended a Tamarac Commission meeting. 

Dr. Alexandra Alvarez has experience in the field of education but little in government except for a recent appointment to a City board.  

Morey Wright is a candidate looking for elected office anywhere he can. As of April 28, 2022, he wasn’t even registered to vote in Tamarac, according to the Supervisor of Elections records. In 2020, he claimed he lived in Weston when he ran and lost to Democratic State Representative Robin Bartleman. He has not been involved in the day-to-day issues of Tamarac and is just trying to find an elected office in any town that will accept him.

Tamarac, the choice is clear: Stuart Michelson is District 2’s best choice by far to protect and preserve green and open spaces, abolish the $700 monthly Commissioners’ allowance, and restore civility to the Commission dais. He has the experience, passion, and knowledge to make Tamarac a better place to live.

Phil Daspit has lived in Tamarac since 2009. He retired from the FAA, where he was an Air carrier Operations inspector. He also served as an officer in the Air Force for 12 years.

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