Tamarac Bar Hoping to Help Revive South Florida Rock Scene

Tamarac Bar Hoping to Help Revive South Florida Rock Scene 2

By: Hali Neal

A mix of local music supporters and band members packed into Archie’s West in Tamarac on December 8, for the debut of a night dedicated to local, original rock music.

The show, made possible by Silver Cat Entertainment and Spano’s Big Radio Show, was billed as local rock heroes Theory of Disorder’s one night only reunion show. Theory of Disorder, a metal band from Fort Lauderdale, broke up in 2010 after releasing a self-titled debut album and touring with the likes of Nonpoint and HED pe. The night’s lineup also featured prominent South Florida metal band Dharmata and Traverser, a rock band from Orlando.

Archie’s West is located along a blink-and-one-misses-it stretch of West Commercial Boulevard. However, for those who like live, local music, dart tournaments, inexpensive drinks and good chicken wings, Archie’s is a hidden gem. Patrons, even first time patrons, feel as though they have been welcomed into a community. This community setting was exemplified by the large crowd that showed up for Theory of Disorder’s reunion show. The large crowd led radio personality John Spano to declare that “the local scene [had been] resurrected.”

Although the show started late, the first band to play, Traverser, kicked things off with an unabashedly hard rocking set. Traverser, currently touring the Midwest and east coast of the U.S., has, according to their Facebook page:

Consistently and relentlessly gained the respect of concert goers and fellow musicians in Central Florida, challenging audiences with engaging live performances and creative presentation. Traverser has been featured at WJRR’s Earthday Birthday, Florida Music Festival, Hard Rock Live, House Of Blues, and several special events for EA Games Tiburon video game design studio.”

They delivered on the “engaging live performances” count, as even the last song of their set finished with a bang. That song was the best of the set, with its prominent bass, meandering guitar solo and aggressive drumming. That combination gave the song a great mysterious vibe.

The next band up was the band of the hour, Theory of Disorder. It was nice to see another metal band eschew the tradition of “no smiling in metal” with jokes like…

What do you call a bear with no teeth? Gummy bears! “

As well as interesting wardrobe choices, such as wearing a glittery silver scarf as a headpiece. They also knew when to get serious, as December 8 was also the anniversary of Dimebag Darrell’s, of Pantera fame, death. In memory of this, Theory of Disorder dedicated one of the songs in their set to him. What was really amazing about Theory’s set is that they sounded like they had never stopped playing. There wasn’t an overt miscue or missed note in the set, and they were intent on getting the crowd rocking, an area they were very successful in doing.

The last band to take the stage was Dharmata, a band who have made a name for themselves around South Florida because of their tireless tour schedule, radio play and word-of-mouth. One of the first songs they played was very unusual: a metal cover of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger”. Dharmata made the song their own, though, while still being faithful to the original. It was also a great way to make sure they had the attention of the crowd, most of whom were still present.  Choosing Dharmata to close out the night was like choosing the perfect dessert after a multi-course dinner: satisfying, while also leaving a smile on your face long after you’ve finished it.

For more information on any of the bands or Archie’s West, visit their respective Facebook pages.

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