Tamarac Crime Update: $17,700 in Cash Stolen From Safe, Replaced With Fake Money


By Kevin Deutsch

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents is a summary of Tamarac crime and arrests through January 17, 2022.

Auto Theft

Rock Island Rd.

On 1/11/2022, a 57-year-old female reported her white Infiniti Q50 stolen.

Elvin Villalobos


NW 58th Ct.

On 1/11/2022, a 42-year-old female was the victim of domestic battery.

Burglary Conveyance

Solandra Ln.

On 1/15/2022, a 27-year-old female reported her 2020 Nissan Rogue burglarized. Her 1.5-carat wedding ring, checkbook, Fendi glasses, and cash were stolen from the vehicle. The vehicle was processed for latent fingerprints. Tot. Est. Loss: $5,929.

Gate Lake Rd.

On 1/11/2022, a 41-year-old female was the victim of Burglary Conveyance. The complainant called to report a delayed burglary to her black Ford Explorer.

NW 57th St.

On 1/11/2022, a 34-year-old female was the victim of Burglary Conveyance. An unknown person entered her white 2015 Toyota Highlander and stole a small pocketbook.

Criminal Mischief

NW 72nd Ave.

On 1/11/2022, a 58-year-old man reported that an unidentified person threw a rock through the front window of his residence.


W. Commercial Blvd.

On 1/12/2022, a Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy was conducting routine maintenance when they accidentally discharged their assigned Taser.


N. Belfort Cir.

On 1/13/2022, a 73-year-old female became the victim of Theft when an unknown person accessed her safe, stole money, and replaced the stolen cash with fake paper money. Tot Est. Loss: $17,700.


Lyons, Henry Lee, 41, was arrested on charges of Battery-commit Domestic Battery by Strangulation on NW 58th Ct. on 1/11/2022.

Jones, Eonie, 18, was arrested on charges of Larc-petit theft on W. Commercial Blvd. on 1/12/2022.

Davidson Guillams, Minkah Tor, 28, was arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon-dating violence on NW 70th Ave. on 1/13/2022.

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