Tamarac Crime Update: Latest Incidents Through February 18

crime update

By Sharon Aron Baron

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents, this is a summary of crimes that occurred in Tamarac through February 18.

Aggravated Battery

5700 block of Rock Island Rd – Sun Vista Gardens
On February 13, BSO met with the caller, who was being physically assaulted by her boyfriend. The caller advised she was able to get free from the apartment and ran to the Bank of America, where she called 911. The caller advised she is three weeks pregnant with the suspect’s baby.


8900 block of NW 78th St.
On February 14, the victim and her girlfriend (the arrestee) had a verbal argument, which became physical. The girlfriend slapped the victim on the right side of her face.

5900 block of NW 54th Ln.
On February 17, the defendant and victim got in a verbal altercation, which became physical. The defendant intentionally and forcefully pushed the victim to the floor while she was holding their child. The defendant then held the victim down by grabbing her throat without restricting her airway. The defendant and victim are married and have a child in common.


4601 NW 31st Ave. – Subway
On February 12, suspects trespassed from the Subway advised the manager who stated they tried to hit her with a bottle and chair. No potential witnesses or surveillance.

Auto Theft

8300 block of NW 98th Av, Tamarac – Springlake
On February 11, the listed victim had his vehicle, a black Kia Optima, was stolen from his driveway, overnight.
9600 block of NW 76th St

On February 11, the victim’s Black 2011 Mercedes-Benz C300 was stolen from the driveway of his residence. The vehicle was previously stolen from the residence on January 24 and recovered in Pompano Beach on January 31. Area canvased for video surveillance and witnesses with negative results.

5700 block of Rock Island Rd – Sun Vista Gardens
On February 13, a 2012 Ford F-150 was stolen from the parking lot.


4500 block of NW 58th Ct – Golf Villas
On February 17, a male subject, victim’s former boyfriend, who has been stalking the victim, entered the victim’s apartment and hid in her closet until he was located there by the victim. The subject took the victim’s cell phone from her hand, preventing her from calling for help. He left after stealing a restraining order packet, which was left, unserved, on the table. He was located and arrested at his residence.

Burglary Business

8431 W McNab Rd – A & B Appliance Colony Center Plaza
Between February 13 and 14, someone smashed the front door with a rock and removed approx. $1,012 worth of replacement parts for a refrigerator (store items). Area canvassed.

4900 N State Road 7 – Dunkin Donuts
Between February 15 and 16, 7, an unknown male medium-build subject smashed the side lower panel window on the east side of the store with what appeared to be a rock or a brick to make entry to the store. The subject stole $142 from the cash register.

Burglary Conveyance

7800 block of Beechfern Cir – The Pines at Woodmont
On February 11, an unlocked vehicle was burglarized by two unknown subjects wearing dark clothing and hoodies. Video collected.

7110 block of Woodmont Way
Between February 1- and 11, BSO responded to the above location about a burglary conveyance; the vehicle was left unlocked, and an orange Roots bi-fold wallet containing a Bank of America credit card and FL ID were stolen from the driver’s side door panel.

7700 block of NW 73rd Terr
Between February 11 and 12, an unknown person(s) unlawfully entered the victim’s Ford F-150 via the front doors. A backpack containing $3,000 in cash, and an IPad were stolen. No signs of forced entry were noticed. The victim does not have surveillance. Total loss $3,489.99.

6100 block of NW 57th St. – Fountains Condominiums
Between February 11 and 12, unknown subjects made entry into the vehicle via an unlocked door and removed laptop and cellphone.

7400 block of NW 85th Ct. – Southgate Gardens
On February 13, an unidentified individual entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle and removed his wife’s wallet.

7100 block of NW 68th St
Between February 15 and 16, the victim reported a burglary conveyance to her 2019 Toyota Rav 4. A brown leather wallet with orange flowers was taken from inside the vehicle that contained the victim’s credit and bank cards. Additionally, vehicle registration and insurance card were also taken. Unable to process the vehicle for latent prints due to it raining outside. Area canvassed for camera surveillance. No witnesses.

7100 block of NW 84th St.
On February 17, the victim’s vehicle trunk was unlawfully entered and burglarized by an unknown suspect. A backpack containing the victim’s social security card was taken.

6900 Southgate Blvd – Mission Lakes
On February 17, an unlocked vehicle was burglarized. A bag of change was taken.

8400 block of W McNab Rd. – Colony Plaza
Between February 13 and 14, an unlocked vehicle had tools stolen from inside. Appears to be a known suspect.

8400 block of W McNab Rd – Colony Plaza
On February 17, an unlocked vehicle had a backpack with cash and credit/debit cards stolen. Fraud on cards. Appears to be a known suspect.

6190 Woodlands Blvd – The Gates Condominiums
On February 14, the victim reported unknown suspect(s) broke into her vehicle via unlocked doors and removed approximately $15.00 in coins.

8200 block of NW 73rd Terrace
On February 12, unknown subject(s) made entry to the victim’s vehicle and removed a black Adidas fanny pack, which contained victims FL DL and bank cards.

Burglary Residence

7000 block of Southgate Blvd
On February 14, unidentified males entered the curtilage of the victim’s home, reached over the fence, and removed a bicycle from the property.

Criminal Mischief

4459 Treehouse Lane
On February 12, an unknown subject drilled the keyholes out of two mailboxes.

2310 block of NW 54th St.
Between February 14 and 15, the reporting person advised that upon arriving home from work, he discovered water on his desktop computer that he keeps under his computer desk, and now it is not working. He suspects his roommate may have done this in retaliation for expressing his concerns about her boyfriend moving in with her.

Domestic Disturbance

5000 block of Sago Palm Cir – Woodlands Country Club
On February 11, a couple engaged in a verbal altercation over pictures on the male’s phone. The male left for the evening.

Found Property

7600 block of Fairfax Dr. – Clairmont at Kings Point
On February 11, Reporter found on a box of BD Insulin Syringes containing 100 unused needles.


7901 W Commercial Blvd – 7-11
Between January 13 and February 13, during a monthly check of the gas pumps, they found a skimmer on pump number three. It was placed into evidence, and the video was requested.


5000 block of Bayberry Ln – Woodlands Country Club
On February 12, complainant advised that an unknown male threatened him on social media

6601 Southgate Blvd – C-14 Canal
On February 14, a submerged vehicle was discovered by subject fishing in the area


7700 block of W McNab Rd
On February 12, a delivery package was stolen from the front of the victim’s front door.

8000 block of Fairview Dr. – Versailles Garden
Between February 11 and 12, packages were removed from the victim’s front door by an unknown male. It was captured on the ring door camera, and packages amounted to $44.43. BSO theft victim affidavit was signed.

7800 block of Granville Dr. – Kings Point
On February 10, an unknown suspect took the victim’s property that was left by her front door.

7770 NW 78th Ave
On February 10, the complainant advised she believes a maintenance worker from her apartment complex took her diamond ring.

8100 block of NW 73rd Terr
Between February 11 and 12, the complainant’s wallet was stolen a couple of days prior outside of his residence.

7700 N University Dr – Blew Associates Inc
On February 13, the reporting person stated that a surveying GPS receiver valued at $12,000 was stolen from an open field. The reporting person said he placed the receiver there and drove to a different location while monitoring it. No suspects and no surveillance at this time.

5800 block of NW 46th Terr
On February 13, the victim had $2,500 in cash stolen from the above-stated address.


7515 N Pine Island Rd – BSO Tamarac
On February 15, the subject walked into the Tamarac District Office and made viable threats to cause physical harm to Law Enforcement.


3116 W Commercial Blvd – Winn Dixie
On February 12, the reporting person advised that an unknown male entered the Winn Dixie and committed a retail theft by stealing four boxes of Pampers, after he exited the store the reporting person advised she recognized the driver of the vehicle he entered as being involved in another retail theft on February 4, that was never reported to the police.

3116 W Commercial Blvd – Winn Dixie
On February 14, the reporting person advised an unknown male wearing a black beanie on his head committed retail theft. He jumped over the customer service counter and grabbed two cartons of cigarettes, and then jumped back over the counter and ran out of the store.

8245 N Pine Island Rd – Publix
Between February 13 and 14, an unknown female wearing a white shirt with black stripes, black leggings, and light-colored sandals, exited all points of sale with $614.85 worth of items.

4193 W Commercial Blvd – Rainbow Shops
On February 15, the reporting person advised two unknown females entered the store and selected unknown clothing items leaving the store without attempting to pay for the items. The area was canvassed.

4193 W Commercial Blvd – Rainbow Shops
On February 16, a male subject entered the store and snatched several clothing items. The subject then fled the store with the items and left the area in a red Toyota Corolla.

5881 N University Dr – Publix
On February 16, a homeless subject trespassed from the store previously was outside soliciting for money. Transported to BSO Main with no issues. Body-worn camera in use.

4700 block of NW 49th Ct. Mainlands Section 5A
On February 17, a caller reported three suspicious subjects who were hiding in the bushes. When subjects saw the caller, they ran westbound. Made contact with three subjects matching the description walking westbound on W Commercial. Two juveniles transported to JAC. One released on a Civil Citation.

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