Tamarac Man Charged With Assault, Aggravated Battery After His Car Was Towed

tamarac assault battery

Jahmar Sisco Tasker

By Ryan Yousefi 

A Tamarac man was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated battery after making death threats and crashing into a security guard’s vehicle after his car was being towed. 

According to the report, on August 9, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a residence on the 80 block of Pleasant Hill Lane in reference to a disturbance. When officers arrived, they were informed of an incident taking place involving Jahmar Sisco Tasker, 37, a tow truck driver, and a community security guard.

Witnesses told deputies that after Tasker learned his vehicle was towed, he attempted to coerce the tow truck driver not to tow it. During the exchange, a security guard became involved, and Tasker allegedly threatened to get his handgun if his car was towed.

Tasker also told the security guard that he would shoot him for getting his car towed. The report says Tasker threw a coffee mug at the security guard, with liquid hitting the guard and the mug striking his vehicle.

As the argument escalated and Taskers’ car was being towed, he entered his girlfriend’s vehicle, and intentionally drove it towards the security guard, who barely avoided being struck and seriously injured.  Then, Tasker struck the security guards’ car, which at the time had two passengers inside: the security guard’s girlfriend and her 8-year-old son.

The report indicates the collision’s impact did not injure the woman or her son, but they were extremely shaken up. BSO considered the energy of the impact and the potential harm as an assault. 

Deputies determined Tasker made credible threats and purposely used his vehicle as a deadly weapon in the premeditated assault. Because Tasker intended bodily harm, he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon without the intent to kill.

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