Tamarac Parks Remain Closed on President’s Day

Tamarac Parks Remain Closed on President's Day 1

Woodmont’s Front Entrance Will be Getting a Makeover Thanks to our Taxpayers


Did you know that the City of Tamarac will be spending $185,000 this year and $150,000 more next year for entrance signs at Woodmont just west of University Drive?  This is great news for Woodmont residents.

Not such great news for the Woodlands Community who had to form their own district to pay for improvements such as this.

Must be great to have Commissioner Harry Dressler living in your community!

Wait a minute, didn’t Harry vote yes to close our parks on Mondays (and the Tamarac Community Center on Sundays) for the second straight year because of budget cuts?

Also, thanks to Harry, we are also the proud owners of a $3 million golf course!

Where does the city manage to find this money?

Unfortunately, for those of us that have Monday off this President’s Day weekend, please remember that all Tamarac Parks including the Skate Park and Dog Park are closed.

Never fear, hopefully, our good friends in Coral Springs will allow us to use their parks.








Woodmont sign expenditures based on an article by the Sun-Sentinel published Jun 23, 2011

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