Tamarac Residents are Asleep at the Wheel

Tamarac Residents are Asleep at the Wheel 1

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Qualifying ended Friday for the November Tamarac city commission race and not one resident came forward to challenge the two incumbents.

This means that both Diane Glasser and Pamela Bushnell have won their seats uncontested.

What is going on in this city, is everyone asleep at the wheel?

With all the complaining people do, it shows that residents truly enjoy the status quo.

The status quo brings no new changes or ideas to the commission. We are set for at least two more years of the same old business-as-usual in Tamarac.

Stephanie Franco

With it, comes more rubber-stamped amendments with overwhelming consensus and more staff-introduced items.

Best of all, our 60,000 residents don’t really care because many don’t even show up at commission meetings. Tamarac is still one of the only cities in Broward County that doesn’t even broadcast their meetings!

So no one really knows what is going on in city hall, and frankly, I don’t think anyone cares.

Is anyone awake in Tamarac?

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