Target Store Trucker Thinks Residential Area is a Parking Space


By: Sharon Aron Baron

A neighbor in Tamarac has had enough of waking up every morning to a huge 18-wheeler Target truck in their neighborhood and wants to do something about it, but so far hasn’t had any luck.

Deborah Quigley lives in Woodlands Estates north of Commercial Boulevard told us that for the past month and a half a Target truck parks along Woodlands Boulevard at least three times a week for hours, which seems odd as there is no Target Store in the vicinity.

Target Truck parked in Tamarac residential neighborhood

Target Truck parked in Tamarac residential neighborhood


She contacted BSO and their response was since there are no “No Parking” signs, they cannot do anything.

She sent photos to Target along with the cab number of 52715 and trailer number of 892002 and their answer was this was against their policy, and their trucks are to be parked behind their stores.

However, nothing was done to stop it, and it continues today.

“I didn’t call code enforcement because by the time code enforcement gets there, they’re gone.”

Quigley told us that she just wants to see it gone for good and wishes someone would keep a truck from this size from parking in a residential community.

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