Vice Mayor to Atkins-Grad: ‘Do What’s Right for the City and the People of this City’


Vice Mayor to Atkins-Grad: 'Do What's Right for the City and the People of this City' 1

City of Tamarac Workshop January 22, 2013

By: Sharon Aron Baron

As the petition to recall the Tamarac commissioner gets underway, the Vice Mayor and Commissioners were looking for ways to make her exit as painless as possible should she decide to resign.

At Tuesday’s workshop meeting, Vice Mayor Harry Dressler referred to Atkins-Grad hypothetically as a “social pariah,” he said, implying that perhaps she is only staying on the commission to wait around for money that is owed to her.

“As everyone knows, I’ve asked the commissioner to do the right thing, to do what’s right for the city and the people of this city, and save them the embarrassment and angst, and it’s the decent thing to do to resign.  He asked Attorney Sam Goren to explain the procedures should Atkins-Grad resign to save herself the embarrassment and negative publicity.

Commissioner Bushnell asked Goren, “If the commissioner does the right thing and steps down to save further embarrassment to the city such as what was exhibited last Friday when she was yelling across the table at the AADRC meeting, will she receive her full pay that she’s entitled to under the law, and the compensation of her attorney’s fees, and step down knowing that this is the case?  Attorney Sam Goren said that the case is already in motion, and more regarding this will be discussed at the city commission meeting on Wednesday.

Vice Mayor to Atkins-Grad: 'Do What's Right for the City and the People of this City' 2

Residents on Saturday sign recall petitions

Dressler had Goren discuss the requirements for the recent recall drive. Goren said that 1,133 signatures, or 10 percent, are required of registered voters in District Two, which need to be verified by the Broward Supervisor of Elections Office in 30 days from the first signature.  After a lengthy description of the requirements, Atkins-Grad asked Goren, “What’s the cost going to be to the city for this garbage?”

The kickoff recall petition drive began in area clubhouses on Saturday and continued this week with volunteers canvassing throughout neighborhoods throughout District Two.

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