Board Negotiates New Cable Contract Surprising Kings Point Residents

Kings Point residents meet - mostly to protest switching from their current cable company. Photo by Joe Morguess.

Kings Point residents meet – mostly to protest switching from their current cable company. Photo by Joe Morguess.

By: Joe Morguess

With little advanced notice, Kings Point residents discovered that their longtime cable company would soon be switched.

On October 6, over 300 residents attended the Kings Point in Tamarac monthly board meeting, only informed of that agenda item just recently via a leak, and subsequent emails between residents, and the grapevine.

Unbeknownst to the residents, the executive committee which consists of three or four of the 13 people on the board had been negotiating over the past eight months with approximately seven different cable companies to obtain the best deal and service for over 8,500 residents in the community.

Details of new programming, features and terms of the contract – or even the fact that they were not renewing with Comcast were never communicated with the community through their Kings Point Life Newspaper, website or anywhere else.

Also, the board presidents from the 13 communities never informed their individual building board members nor held informational meetings at the local level.

The board had apparently preplanned to vote “yes” on a motion to sign a contract with Advanced Cable starting in 2017, and did so on Oct 6 over the objections of the previously uninformed residents at the meeting.

Approximately 50 residents were permitted to speak and most objected vehemently to the Board’s apparent acting in secret with no information given out in advance that Comcast would no longer be their provider of cable TV or internet service. Many were upset that the Board presumed to know what programming suited them, while others pleaded that the motion be tabled for a future meeting. Others objected that they would lose their Comcast email address, interfering with their digital communications with family and friends.

Still, the Board voted “unanimously” on Oct 6,  to replace Comcast Cable with Advanced Cable in 2017. Programming information, channels, and details of the contract have not been distributed in writing as of mid-October.

About Joe Morguess

Joe Morguess

Joseph Morguess is a long term resident of Kings Point, a retired clinical school psychologist/ human relations trainer, and is a District 3 Broward Commission Appointee, to the Broward Consumer Protection Board.


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  • gerald heller

    The questions concerning the selection by the Kings Point Executive Board members have been coming fast and furious. Many have suggested I take a leadership role as I did on the Charter School effort to defeat the change in Cable Service Contract. I looked into it any cancellation realistically is the boards. and the board was completely in it’s rights to negotiate and sign an agreement with Advance.Although I have no details and I am concerned about technical problems in the switch over, particularly with the internet service, Len Ronik has assured me and others that the board has looked into the change very carefully and they are sure that not only is he change financially to Kings Point advantage but it provides technical advantages for the future based on Advance investments in Kings Point infrastructure. Of course as an Electronic Engineer for 60 years and a Communications Specialist be assured I will delve deeply into the details as soon as they are made available. .

    • Marilyn Hirsch

      Gerald Heller, candidate for Citi Commissioner, District 3 will bring new ideas to
      the Tamarac Commission. Mr. Heller is a resident of Kings Point and has a successful business background; he has demonstrated leadership in various areas for the growth of Tamarac community.

  • MET100

    There is a legal “Right” and a ‘Moral Right’, it seems to me that the Board did not act morally Right. The fact that everything was done without homeowners input or even knowledge is outrageous. Not only are we being subjected to cost increases we don’t even know what channels will be included, i.e. Starz was not mentioned and ESPN2 along with all the additional HBO channels. I have Xfinity 1, I can record up to 6 channels at a time and I can use my Voice Remote to find and schedule shows. Advance has a B- rating according to the BBB whereas Comcast has an A rating, plus Comcast provides Norton Security what is Advance offering? Now for the 2.3M, why should it be used for new roofs that have ‘Reserves’ set aside for their replacement. At the very least the money should be returned to the Communities on a per Unit basis to be used to perhaps offset the increased costs or actually be returned to the Unit Owners. Frankly, this deal smells rotten, and if the Board is considering hiding behind legal protection that we pay for they need to check the criminal statutes, regarding Malfeasance. M. Edward Triefler, Devon A,

  • ron smith


  • Lorie

    Did you get the best TV/internet deal for me or the best deal for you, the board? If you’re quite satisfied with making all decisions for me, maybe you also want to come over and tell me which Blue Stream channels I should watch, too. Provided I opted for Blue Stream, which I did not. Which brings me to another question: Is this the reason why Comcast isn’t working right now in my condo, even though I called Comcast and said I wanted to stay with them? Are they not repairing service lines into Kings Point after the hurricane because of a board that prefers to operate in secret?