City Commissioner Assaults Resident at Event

Tamarac Commissioner Atkins-Grad finds a new bottle of water minutes after she throws bottle at resident.

Tamarac Commissioner Atkins-Grad finds a new bottle of water minutes after she throws bottle at resident.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

The City of Tamarac was supposed to be enjoying a night out against crime, but City Commissioner Patte Atkins-Grad must have thought that she was above the law when she threw a water bottle and unleashed a tirade upon one Tamarac family.

The citywide “Night Out Against Crime” was full of local families and officers from the Broward Sheriff’s Office enjoying the evening. There were pony rides, face painting, food and music. However, when Tamarac resident Kevin Muscolino along with his wife Michelle and 11 year-old daughter Ashley came to the event, it set Atkins-Grad off.

Muscolino, a local business owner was also part of the effort who helped collect signatures to recall Atkins-Grad.

We were in a grass swale and had just gotten there, next thing I know Atkins-Grad is charging at me yelling, ‘You’re going to rot in hell for bringing that child out here in that shirt!’ Referring to recall shirt we were wearing, and yelling ‘What did I ever do to you? I’ve done nothing to ever deserve this!’” – Kevin Muscolino

Muscolino tried to talk to her, but then  she threw her water bottle at him. Water drenched his glasses, face and shirt, and some got on his daughter.

The Muscolino Family after the assault

The Muscolino Family after the assault

“I wanted to grab her,” said Muscolino, “but she walked away, and my daughter’s here. So my next thought was to find a police officer to have her arrested.”

Muscolino immediately turned to the officer he had just seen Atkins-Grad speaking with moments before. He told Officer Akers that he wanted to press charges, but the officer said that he didn’t see anything and therefore wouldn’t be able to do anything. Muscolino went over to the SWAT officers that were standing nearby and they made sure the report was made.

“I think this officer may have either known Patte or may have just been afraid to make a police statement against a city commissioner,” said Muscolino.

During this time, his daughter Ashley was crying and upset after watching the altercation firsthand.

Muscolino says he will file charges with the State Attorney this week.

About Sharon Aron Baron

Sharon Aron Baron

Sharon Aron Baron is the Editor of Talk Media and writer for Tamarac Talk and Coral Springs Talk. Tamarac Talk was created in 2010 to provide News, Views and Entertainment for the residents of Tamarac and to give resident’s a forum. We are not affiliated with the City of Tamarac. That’s why this site can be occasionally opinionated and obviously open.


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  • Bill

    as a father, you allowed the wearing of a “tee-shirt” that had the obvious ability to cause a strong reaction; forget your 1st amendment right, your first responsible was to your child, but instead you put her in “harms way” (and using a child to do your bidding), stop crying to the police and be a man about it. you make a mistake, learn from it. you knew the woman was —- .

  • Mitch P

    Really. I’m no fan of Atkins Grad but I a bit tired of watching parents include their children (oftentimes sublimally) in causes they are not yet old enough to understand. I guess all Grad was saying to Muscolino by throwing water at him was “clean up your act.”
    Sorry residents, no sympathy for Grad, and even less for Muscolino.

  • Mitch P

    In fact, the more I think about it, maybe DCF has a claim against Muscolino for child endangerment. Again, tired of parents like this using their kids as poster children for their own battles. As far as Grad, she’s a frybaby. Forget about her corruption charges. This most recent behavior is impeachable all by itself. Anyone in office knows that tolerance, patience and an understanding that all have a right to represent is paramount to successful leadership in America.

  • Fred

    Your both losers. A family event like national night out is no place for political statements. Be a man, and live with it. Don’t involve your kid in your causes. I’m not a fan of either you or Patti. Trying to make publicity for yourself? You just flushed it down the toilet!

    • Michael

      Fred, Mitch, and Bill, no body is looking for publicity except Patte Atkins-Grad, she manages to dig her own grave when ever possible. The issue here is not the fact that Kevin and his family wore our recall shirts to the event, they have every right to wear them, don’t look at them if you do not like them. You guys have no idea how much work was and is involved in trying to get her out of office. Patte is coming apart at the seams, and the few threads of professional behavior she has left are unraveling, demonstrated once again by her lack of jundgment by assaulting a Tamarac resident and scaring his daughter. Until you guys have walked the many miles in the hot sun and heat, knocked on hundreds of doors, donated months of your personal time and money, and met many of your fellow Tamarac residents and heard their disappointed, disgusted and anger with the commissioner and eagerness to sign the petition, then you have no right to judge any of us on the recall committee. Kevin is a great dad and did not force his daughter to weat the shirt, she is very mature for her age and knows that we are seeking justice against corruption in our city. She glady particpated in this historical endeavor. You recognize that Patte must go, so be part of the solution, not against it and help support our cause, t benefits all of us who live in Tamarac and sets and example to other cities.

  • George Stroker

    Obviously none of you know anything about parenting and you know nothing of Kevin Muscolino, Michelle and daughter Ashley. I have been Kevin’s Friend and neighbor in Tamarac for 26 years. I have watched him grow from a ‘working for others guy’ as an extraordinary automotive mechanic to taking the chance that few people have the fortitude to do and start his own business and named it Perfection Automotive. The
    name is appropriate because Kevin is a perfectionist, skilled and technologically advanced Master Mechanic. Perfection Automotive is now in its 20th successful year. Kevin has been actively involved in his neighborhood. Not just giving lip
    service, but ‘hands-on’ active. Getting rid of a high profile criminal in our immediate neighborhood; During Wilma it was all about neighbor-helping-neighbor. Kevin provided power, cut trees and his family cooked meals and provided emotional support. Kevin provided personal support to me when my dear wife was sick. When daughter Ashley was born he changed. He got better and stronger. He took being a Father as another perfection profession and threw his all into helping raise Ashley. All during Ashley’s growing up, he was teaching her, by example, about how to be a good neighbor, how to share and how to show respect (Ashley calls me Mr. George). Kevin has coached and sponsored little leagues, attends school functions, takes her to school, strives to help her get good grades. Ashley has grown up to be an outstanding student, athlete and cares for others. This and more, Kevin has instilled in Ashley a sense of responsibility and citizenship that will carry her beneficially throughout the rest of her life. Kevin brought Ashley to City commission meetings. They rarely miss a City function through the City’s Park and Recreation programs. Kevin “asked” Ashley if she would like to be
    involved in the Recall effort to learn what active citizenship is all about. They attended meetings together. Kevin invited Ashley to go door-to-door and talk with voters. Kevin’s
    thought? Show Ashley first hand (Kevin’s words) ‘democracy in action’. With
    excitement, Ashley often shared her experience with me after several hours of
    recall canvassing. She told me stories of the wonderful people and how angry and proud they were to see democracy in action. At times, they were invited into homes to chat about school and share their own experiences. Kevin is a proactive, protective and involved Father raising his Daughter Ashley to love, share and be involved responsibly. I am proud to know Kevin.

    Bill .. Mitch P .. Fred – You could learn a lesson or two from Kevin Muscolino and his family.

    And if I had a prediction, someday you might be calling his daughter, Ashley… Commissioner, Senator or Madam President.

  • Bsmind

    I too know Kevin and Ashley very well. I do not agree that he intentionally put Ashley in harms way. My children were with me in front of city hall when we were striking to keep our green space and save the golf course behind our home. If anybody attacked my child at that time would I be at fault? I was and know Kevin was showing Ashley if you believe in something and work hard enough you can make a difference. Patti was at one point a very nice lady. She read to the kids at challenger and was involved. She made a very bad decision in accepting money from the developer. After being reinstated she continued to make bad decisions, during council meetings and obviously at this public function. When you put yourself out there in the public eye, you need to act professional. She did not. She is not a young lady and I believe this whole process has been weighing on her health and mental stability. I am sure today she feels bad for what she did. Sometimes in life you need to admit your wrongdoings, so you can move forward. Kevin has worked tirelessly to right a wrong in our political system . He has every right, along with his daughter, to wear what ever shirt they want to. No matter what anyone’s says Patti is wrong and overreacted and I hope is punished for her actions.

  • RedRacerBabe

    The woman can barely represent herself professionally, much less represent her community. She needs to go. Is what she did, in front of witnesses, considered a crime? If so, she should be removed immediately!

  • lerose55

    I think the daughter had every right to wear a shirt w/ a saying that she believed in. It seems she has been very active in her community in such matters.
    Sorry folks this is freedom of speech.
    It seem Patti does not know how to handle herself in public, as a politician she is very well aware not everyone is going to like her, and she did do wrong, she has got to expect a backlash for excepting bribes from developers. But throwing something at someone is certainly not very professional, not the way to go for a person in her position. But she is the one who approached the Muscolino family. So she guilty of starting the whole incident.