Abandoned Car Ignored on Roadway


By: Sharon Aron Baron

Someone was bound to notice the abandoned car that was left on Woodlands Boulevard for over two days.

After all, the majority of the community pays BSO $250,000+ a year for extra security.  Even if they didn’t see the car near the most busiest entrance in the community, the zone patrol officer who passes through would surely have seen it and called for a tow truck. 

But even if they missed it, just up the street, Tamarac City Commissioner Michelle Gomez would have definitely spotted the car on her way home and done something about it, right?

Well, unfortunately, no.  The car is still sitting abandoned, un-ticketed, in a no parking zone.

I contacted Tamarac’s non-emergency number on Wednesday night and they referred me to dispatch. They spoke to someone who then explained that they couldn’t do anything about it because it’s in a community.  I assured them that that the car was on a public right-of-way.  Our streets are city streets, and must abide to the rules and regulations of the city which means no parking between 2 a.m. – 6 a.m.  The fact that this car was neither ticketed nor towed concerns me because it shows that our rules are not being enforced. 

On Thursday morning, the car was still there, so once again I called BSO. However, this time, I asked for the number for the city-contracted towing company, and as our section president for our homeowner’s association, I placed the call myself.  Hopefully, the car will be gone. 

Broward Sheriff’s Office

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