Police Union President Demanding Boycott after Officer is Denied Service

Sunoco at 1700 S Douglas Road in Miramar Florida

Sunoco at 1700 S Douglas Road in Miramar Florida

By: Sharon Aron Baron

The President of Broward County’s largest police union has called for a national boycott of Sunoco gas stations following an incident during which a uniformed officer from the Miramar Police Department was refused service by the sales clerk at one of the company’s locations.

“On a day when three officers are slain in Baton Rouge, La., and a fourth is fighting for his life, how can anyone deny service to a uniformed police officer?” said Broward County PBA President Jeff Marano.

In his incident report, the officer, who was wearing his full police uniform,  said that on Monday, he walked into the Sunoco Gas Station located at 1700 S Douglas Road around 2 p.m., and as he was attempting to get a drink from the refrigerated area, a black male, wearing a gray shirt with gray pants, walked up to him and asked why they arrested his “boy”. He asked the man who he was referring to, to which he said, “Ya’ll got my boy in the back of that car outside the gas station.”

The officer told him that the man was arrested and he couldn’t give him any further information. The man then walked away.

The officer then proceeded to walk towards the cashier in order to pay for his drink. The same individual that walked up to him earlier was standing behind the cash register without a name tag and closed his cashier’s window.  The officer then knocked on it in order to get his attention, however, the man looked at him and didn’t say anything. The officer asked, “Hey can you ring me up? I need to pay for my Gatorade.” The man then stated “No.” The officer asked him what he meant. The man said that he wouldn’t ring him up and said, “You know why.”

The officer asked him again to ring him up, and the man once again refused.

During the same time, the man said, “Get out of my way, I need to attend to customers.” The officer looked behind him and there was a line of four people trying to pay for their items. He moved out of the way, so they could pay, and after they were done, he again asked to pay, and was once again refused.

He then asked the man for his name and his manager or boss’s name, and he replied that he doesn’t have to give out his name or his boss’s name. The officer asked why he was refusing to ring up a police officer trying to buy a drink, to which he answered, “Because I don’t have to, that’s why.”

Marano is demanding the immediate termination of the Sunoco employee, however, a police search for the owner’s information was met with negative results. 

Update:  A letter from Jeffrey Byard Sunoco VP Distributor Operations for Sunoco  is attached.


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