‘All Muscle Saturdays’ Workout Classes Held at Tamarac Fitness Court

fitness court tephford park

Fitness Court at Tephford Park in Tamarac. {courtesy City of Tamarac}

By: Saraana Jamraj

For those looking to expand their fitness routines and socialize, Tamarac Parks and Recreation is offering a fun, free, group-oriented way with weekly “All Muscle Saturdays” workout classes.

The class is a full-body workout that includes 14 movements across seven stations, open to people of all ability levels.

It’s part of the new fitness court at Tephford Park, launched in December, which includes several pieces of bodyweight equipment that can be used in thousands of ways, based on seven essential movements.

The court, part of a national program, is also accompanied by a digital app, where classes such as the one on Saturday, can be kept track of.

The class will take place every Saturday, from 9:00 to 9:45 a.m., at Tephford Park, 10003 Southgate Boulevard.  For more information call 954-597-3660.  The first class is Saturday, February 15, 2020.


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