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By Sharon Aron Baron

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents, this is a summary of Tamarac crime and arrests through February 15, 2021.

Aggravated Battery

9600 block of Santa Rosa Dr – Plum Harbor

On February 11, the defendant battered the victim by punching her with a closed fist on her face. The victim sustained a laceration to her nose, which was bleeding profusely, and an abrasion on her left eye and her neck. The victim admitted herself to Broward Health Coral Springs, where she was medically diagnosed with a minor fracture on her nose, which was closed with four stitches.

Auto Theft

6000 block of N Sabal Palm Blvd

On February 9,  a Honda Civic Si was stolen out of the parking lot. Unknown suspects.

5700 block of NW 70th Ter – Mainlands

On February 10, an auto theft report about a 2019 Infiniti Q50. The victim stated the vehicle was parked on the road, directly in front of her home, and last seen the night before. Auto theft affidavit was signed.

8400 block of NW 61st St – Fairways of Tamarac

On February 11, the victim’s parked their cars and went inside for the night. They returned to their cars the next morning to find them missing. Auto theft affidavits signed and entered.

8301 W Commercial Blvd – Comfort Suites

On February 11, Blvd, a male who reported his tractor truck, 2000 black Cottrell Trailer, and 2005 white Peterbilt 378 semi-truck was removed from the parking lot. BSO Auto Theft Affidavit signed.

Burglary Conveyance

8300 block of NW 74th Ter – La Reserve

On February 8, an unknown subject(s) entered an unlocked Jaguar XF. Items taken were Apple Air Pods, (3) Credit Cards, and (1) Florida DL. Surveillance camera footage sent via Citizen Evidence. Tot. Est. Loss: $180.

8100 block of Hibiscus Cir – Woodmont

On February 9, two subjects entered an unlocked BMW 535, according to the surveillance camera footage. Items taken were (1) Ithink Credit Union Visa Card and (4) Personal Checkbooks from Ithink Credit Union, BB&T, CitiBank, and TD Bank. Surveillance camera footage sent via Citizen Evidence.

8200 block of Cassia Ter – Woodmont

On February 8, an unknown subject(s) entered an unlocked Honda CRV. Nothing was taken from the vehicle. Surveillance camera footage sent via Citizen Evidence.

7900 block of Hibiscus Way – Woodmont

On February 10, the vehicle owner went to a nearby jewelry exchange store to price some silver they had and returned home. Shortly after returning home, someone smashed out the rear driver’s side passenger window and took a paper bag containing the silver. However, most of the silver spilled out onto the back seat, so they only got one small silver serving plate. A neighbor saw the incident from their office window and scared off the suspects when they came outside. Tot. Est. Loss: $25.

7200 block of Solandra Ln

On February 10, the victim’s vehicle was ransacked for valuable items overnight. The vehicle was left unlocked, and no forced entry to the vehicle was noted. Work computer laptop and work ID from the victim were taken from the vehicle.

8100 block of  San Carlos Cir – Sanibel

On February 12, the victim informed BSO his vehicle, a black Jaguar F-Pace, which was unlocked, was burglarized, and $500, an iPhone 8 Plus, and a Beats headphone were stolen. Tot. Est. Loss: $1,500.

Burglary Residence

4500 block of Woodland Cir

On February 12, Contact with the victim and further investigation revealed probable cause that the victim’s ex-girlfriend burglarized his residence.


7700 block of W McNab Rd – Concord Village

On February 12,  Fire in bedroom Tamarac Fire Marshall and Battalion Chief responded and suggested no foul play at this time.


7700 block of Yardley Dr – Kings Point

On December 30, reported February 12, the victim advised an unknown suspect hacked into his computer, committed a fraudulent transaction deposit into his bank account, and persuaded him to purchase gift cards to refund the money that was falsely deposited into his account.


8101 Southgate Blvd – Gary B Jones Dog Park

On February 9, a disturbance at the dog park between two patrons escalated two when one party bumped his chest to another party. No injuries. Reportee only wanted the incident documented.

6600 block of E Westwood Blvd

On February 10, the resident provided video of his dog that was hit by a vehicle speeding in the neighborhood

8300 block of NW 58th Pl – Greenhaven 12

On February 10, the caller said she had an argument with a man on the board of her association, and he pushed her. She said she just wanted me to speak to him and did not want to prosecute. BSO watched a video that appears to show them both trying to pick up a box on the ground, but it was not very clear, and BSO could not tell if he pushed her. He said he didn’t push her and that he was trying to grab a box off the ground that she threw at his feet.

6500 block of NW 72nd Ave – Brookwood

On February 10, the caller witnessed a drone fly over and remained above her residence two times within the last week. The caller feels the drone is being operated by her ex-spouse, for which she currently has a restraining order.

7100 block of Woodmont Way – Woodmont

On February 12, a male used a laser target earlier in the day and forgot they replaced the magazine and accidentally discharged the gun into his television. The Male was watching TV and picked up the gun from the couch and fired it. The projectile did not go through the walls into the adjacent townhome, and the occupants next door were fine.


4987 N Sr 7

David Mohabir

On February 10, a male suspect arrived on foot, went into the florist store, and stole two business cellphones on the front desk. Suspect fled southbound N SR 7 on city bus#141. Tot. Est. Loss: $1,800.

6000 block of Clubhouse Dr – Banyan Lakes HOA

Between February 6-8, the reporting person wanted to report the theft of a Tow Away Zone sign property of Banyan Lakes Home Owners Association. Tot. Est. Loss: $75.

4121 W Commercial Blvd – Publix

On February 9, reported a theft of two coffee machines from Publix. Tot. Est. Loss: $188.


6900 N University Dr – CVS

On February 9, unknown females entered the CVS Pharmacy, selected various cosmetic items, and concealed them in a large shoulder bag. Both females exited the store without paying for items. Tot. Est. Loss: $159.

9400 block of NW 74th St – Westwood

Between December 1, 2019, and February 5, 2021, an unknown suspect(s) removed a person’s registration sticker from her license plate.

5700 block of Melaleuca Dr -Woodlands

On February 12, Complainant wished to report the theft of a bicycle that occurred that day. Tot. Est. Loss: $150.


Jauregui, Carlos Enrique (W M, 52) was arrested on charges of at 6900 N University Dr, Tamarac, on 02/09/2021.

Alvarado, John Michael (W M, 27) was arrested on charges of Aggravated Battery Cause Bodily Harm/disability-domestic at 9661 Santa Rosa Dr, Tamarac, on 02/11/2021.

Alkhafaji, Moussa (B M, 27) was arrested on charges of Aggravated Assault W/ Deadly Weapon- Domestic Viol at 7813 Nw 71st Ct, Tamarac, on 02/11/2021.

Wiltshire, Jahleel Tau (B M, 26) was arrested on charges of Damage Prop-crim Misch-200 Dols And Under at 8351 Sands Point Blvd, Tamarac, on 02/13/2021.

Rahaman, Rodney Shaheed (I M, 51) was arrested on Disorderly Conduct charges at 8101 Southgate Blvd, Tamarac, on 02/14/2021.

Mayo, Randall Dilawjan (B M, 36) was arrested on Burglary-Conveyance charges, Unoccupied/unarmed at 4925 Nw 51st Ter, Tamarac, on 02/15/2021.

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