COVID-19 Vaccinations at Kings Point: A Smooth Process on the First Day

Kings Point

Photo by Joe Morguess

By Joe Morguess

On Tuesday, the first day of vaccinations took place at the Kings Point clubhouse.

After the initial confusion and conflicting info about receiving the vaccine, the final notice below is in place now.

With 13 communities and approximately 8,000 residents, it’s not clear whether every Kings Point resident is aware of the notice to receive vaccinations by appointment, since not all of the neighborhoods have it posted.

I was fortunate to have received the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine at a noon appointment today.

Upon first entering the clubhouse from the south entrance, consent forms and information sheets were handed out. Tamarac Mayor Michelle Gomez was present to welcome residents and to supervise and assist the initial process.

Fifty other residents had the same noon appointment, and we were in and out of the cabaret room in less than an hour. The process was impressively smooth, efficient, and well-organized, and  CDC rules were adhered to throughout.

Ten or more nurses’ stations were set up in the cabaret room. After receiving the injection, we were required to remain in an adjacent area for 15 minutes to a half-hour to monitor possible adverse effects. Upon dismissal, we were given appointments for the second dose, exactly 21 days from today, at the same time and place.

Seven hours later, my arm is slightly sore, but no other negative effects thus far.


I look forward to the day when all my Tamarac neighbors have been vaccinated, and we’ve done our part to eliminate this dreadful disease, with no need for further testing.

Through January 12, from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., including next weekend, vaccinations are only given by appointment.

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Joe Morguess
Joe Morguess
Joseph Morguess is a long term resident of Kings Point, a retired clinical school psychologist/ human relations trainer, and is a District 3 Broward Commission Appointee and the Vice-Chair of the Broward Consumer Protection Board.
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