Creole Garden Restaurant Faces Scrutiny After Health Violations

Creole Garden Restaurant Faces Scrutiny After Health Violations

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By Ryan Yousefi

A Tamarac restaurant has been ordered to undergo mandatory follow-up inspections after a health inspector discovered a slew of violations.

After multiple health violations were discovered during a Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation health inspection on August 31, the Creole Garden restaurant located at 8451 West McNab Road has been ordered to undergo mandatory follow-up inspections to remain open for business. 

According to the initial inspection report, eight violations were identified, the most alarming being the presence of live, small flying insects in various restaurant areas, including the kitchen, food preparation area, food storage area, and bar. 

The report indicates upon the discovery of insects in various areas; Creole Garden staff took immediate action by eliminating the insects and sanitizing the affected areas. However,  a warning was issued due to the recurrence of this issue during the follow-up inspection on the same day.

Also noted in the report is the discovery of improper dishwashing processes; mainly, the machine’s chlorine sanitizer was not at the proper minimum strength, registering at 0 ppm. As a result, the inspector recommended discontinuing the dish machine until it could be repaired and capable of sanitizing dishes properly.

The inspection also revealed that old labels remained stuck to food containers even after cleaning, considered a sanitation concern. This issue persisted during the follow-up inspection, emphasizing the need for the establishment to address this recurring problem.

Temperature control for safety food items was also an issue, including a steam table by the stove that was found to hold food at temperatures between 122-124°F, below the minimum requirement of 135°F for hot holding. While staff adjusted the temperature, during the follow-up inspection, food items on the steam table were still below the recommended temperature range, with readings between 109-117°F.

In light of the violations and continued issues during follow-up checks, Creole Garden was ordered by inspectors to take immediate corrective measures to address the issues before a mandatory follow-up inspection. Failure to rectify the problems may result in a ‘Stop Sale’ order.

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