Domino’s Pizza Attacker Apprehended After Eluding Police for Months

Domino's Pizza Attacker Apprehended After Eluding Police for Months

Tevin Hoggins. {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

Following a prolonged search after assaulting Domino’s pizza staff, authorities have apprehended a man and charged him with burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, and criminal mischief.

Broward County Sheriff’s Office records show that on June 1, a man, later identified as Tevin Hoggins, 32, of Lauderhill, ignited a violent confrontation with employees inside a Lauderhill Domino’s Pizza that began when Hoggins arrived at the location to collect a food order. 

According to the report, staff allege the situation quickly escalated after facing difficulties verifying Hoggins order details. Efforts to de-escalate the tension through a phone call to a manager only worsened matters, leading to an employee attempting to call 911. 

The report shows that as the employee reached for the phone to dial 911, Hoggins lunged to snatch the phone off the counter, overturned point-of-sale terminals, and launched hard plastic napkin dispensers toward the employees. 

Continuing his rampage, Domino’s employees told deputies Hoggins ran behind the counter, chasing employees with a chair. 

In fear for their life, employees told officers they retreated and locked themselves in a back office until law enforcement arrived, but by then, Hoggins had fled the scene.

An investigation was ensured as deputies watched the surveillance footage and observed damage to the store, estimated to be approximately $1,162 in damages. 

Further investigation led deputies to an address associated with the food order at Wilen Industries in Deerfield Beach, linking two employees to the order. Upon questioning, those individuals said they only knew Hoggins through a friend identified only as “TK.” 


Utilizing facial recognition technology and corroborating jail records showcasing Hoggins’s distinct tattoos, law enforcement was able to nail down his identity and issue a warrant for his arrest. 

After months of effort to locate Hoggins, he was finally arrested on January 29 in Pompano Beach. He was subsequently processed at the Broward County Main Jail and released on a $2,000 bond.

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Ryan Yousefi
Ryan Yousefi
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