Elected Officials Offer Tour To Take a Peek Inside Tamarac City Hall

Elected Officials Offer Tour To Take a Peek Inside Tamarac City Hall 1

By Jill Fox

Future leaders are getting an inside look at just what it takes to run the city.

Children of Tamarac residents will have an opportunity to explore city hall on a tour led by Commissioner Marlon Bolton and Vice Mayor Debra Placko.

Commissioner Bolton said he wants to be able to give children the ability to see where their parents’ tax dollars are going and to learn about city government.


“Someone who takes the tour may be inspired to run for office one day, get involved in city government by volunteering, or be motivated to choose a career path that will be beneficial to the city or society as a whole,” said Bolton.

The tour, scheduled for Monday, July 8 at 1 p.m. is open to residents 17 and under and will include a walk-through of each department. Attendees will visit human resources to learn how people become employees of the city; the city manager’s office to learn how the city is run, and the commission chambers to see where policy is voted on.

In addition to police car demonstrations, fire trucks, and photo opportunities, the tour will include special guest speaker Allen Bellman, a Marvel comics pioneer for the original creation of Captain America.

Bolton said he sees very positive responses to the invitation. Residents have been asking questions and are very excited.

“We realize that elected officials need to be responsible and show our residents that we are role models they should look up to,” said Bolton, “I’m grateful for the opportunity to have created this tour, and I hope the residents of our city enjoy.”

To RSVP for the tour, contact Marlon.Bolton@Tamarac.org.

Tamarac City Hall is located at 7525 NW 88 Ave.

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