Free Integrative Health Expo Focuses on Holistic Wellness

Free Integrative Health Expo Focuses on Holistic Wellness 1

By: Jill Fox

After desk jobs continuously left him with back and neck issues, Dr. Jonathan Fields, an acupuncture physician and doctor of oriental medicine in Coral Springs, changed careers 15 years ago.

Fields spent too much time sitting at the computer, working on digital media, web design, and social media marketing, leading him to the field.

Now, in practice at Integrative Medicine US, his goal is to help others suffering from health issues like he experienced, achieve a new way of life through Chinese medicine.

“I knew I needed to make a lifestyle change,” said Fields, who has made it a family affair. His wife, Lauren, is an acupuncturist, and they are expecting their first child in December.

At Integrative Medicine US, the staff considers everything about an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional health when making a holistic plan. Now, they are holding a free community-wide event to educate the public on alternative ways to get active and be healthy.

The Second Annual Integrative Health Expo, open to all ages, and residents in Tamarac. It will take place at the Coral Springs Gymnasium on Saturday, November 16, and Sunday, November 17, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and it is FREE to the public.

The mission of the expo is to use an integrative health approach as a method of engaging the community and promoting a combination of preventative, holistic, and conventional medicine as a way to achieve optimal health.

“People have their medications and their doctors, but when that’s not working, we want to give them options to try different things,” said Fields.

Once held in Coconut Creek,  the event was changed to Coral Springs to make it entirely free for everyone.

At the expo, various fitness classes will be taking place for people to try and to get exposed to a variety of things that could be beneficial.

The Health Expo in Coral Springs will include free health screenings, blood pressure check-ups, and vendor booths with local health providers of all different specialties. Participants will be able to learn about and try acupuncture, massage, chiropractic reflexology, cupping, herbal teas, qi gong, tai chi, yoga classes, boot camp fitness, nutritional counseling, CBD, and healthy food and drinks. 

The goal is to promote general health, wellness, and preventative medicine through lifestyle changes, including fitness, diet, nutrition, and social habits.

“Not everybody wants to do yoga or CrossFit, but maybe taking a walk every day is good for them,” said Fields.

Attendees can also observe the Legacy Kung Fu Tournament, an international kung fu exhibition featuring hundreds of competitors from all over the country.

Fields said a big part of Chinese medicine comes from kung fu. One of his kung fu teachers, also an acupuncturist, introduced him to Chinese medicine, which is thought to be holistic – mind, body, and spirit, with the first part being diet and exercise.

“There is no separation between the Chinese martial arts and Chinese medicine,” said Fields. It was something he wanted to incorporate, and he wanted it to provide some entertainment for the people coming to the expo.

In addition to kung fu, attendees can learn about tai chi and qi gong, gentle movements that anyone at any age can do with benefits they won’t get from other exercises. And, they can be done at home, with no need to join a gym or buy a special outfit.

Fields said this is what has kept some civilizations living long, healthy ages with a good quality of life, without medicines or being overweight.

By making the expo free and open to everyone, he hopes people will come out and look to see if there is something that possibly could benefit them.

There will also be onsite entertainment for children and families, like lion dance, drumming, calligraphy, art, games and stationary surfboards.

“We see anxiety in younger kids, with some being put on medications. But if they’re taught how to breathe, meditate, and do some of these mindfulness practices from a young age, I think we’ll have a little less of that,” said Fields.

What he’s most looking forward to is being able to educate people on what Integrative Medicine US does and why it’s is so beneficial.

“The best part for me is to be able to help people who are having trouble and not getting the results they need with traditional, conventional medicine,” he said.

The Coral Springs Gymnasium is located at 2501 Coral Springs Drive.

For more information and to view the schedule of events, go to For more information about the kung fu tournament, visit

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