Kings Point Residents Seek Answers to On-Site Business Venture


By: Joe Morguess

Hundreds of Kings Point residents will fill the Palace Theater on Thursday morning at the monthly open Board of Directors meeting to inquire, or perhaps protest, about a plan to have a private real estate company, Signature Realty, operate on-site within the community clubhouse, from whom Kings Point will receive a percentage of profits. It is expected to be the largest gathering of the KP community for a cause since last year when the Doral charter school plan was imposed upon them by the City of Tamarac. 

Most residents proclaim they had no advance notice of the proposal for an on-site business venture and were not consulted by their individual community presidents first, before the latter group, which makes up the Board of Directors, voted on this project.

Kings Point consists of 13 separate condominium communities. Common areas include the elegant Palace theater, the Main Clubhouse, and its surrounding grounds. 

Usually, only a handful of residents watch the monthly Kings Point in Tamarac (KPIT) meeting. At the sparsely attended January directors meeting, KPIT President Len Ronik made a motion to seek a variance to have a Realty company on the premises and a medical company in the future. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. It is unknown if any or all directors made an informed vote. 

What is known is that when word got out to the community, petitions were passed around, mass emails were sent to neighbors by a multitude of residents, and discussions were held in KP social clubs, with residents asking what was going on. Word spread quickly, alerting residents to attend the February 4 meeting at the Palace Theater.    

As a long-term resident, I’ve seen President Len Ronik expand Kings Point in positive ways, and I believe he has always had the community’s best interest at heart. Maybe this project is a good thing, maybe not. 

At this point, however, some residents have expressed concerns about strangers entering the clubhouse to conduct business in a tightly regulated entry process where ID screening is strictly enforced. There are concerns about a medical company on the premises and that a sick person may enter and affect other residents’ health. 

There are local long-term Realtors like West Broward Real Estate and KingsPoint Properties and others whose real estate business may be adversely affected. 

It’s hoped that the meeting will address many of the above questions and possible misconceptions to the satisfaction of Kings Pointers, who take pride in their active adult community. 

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Joe Morguess
Joe Morguess
Joseph Morguess is a long term resident of Kings Point, a retired clinical school psychologist/ human relations trainer, and is a District 3 Broward Commission Appointee and the Vice-Chair of the Broward Consumer Protection Board.