Kings Point Commissioner Stays Mute On Charter School Issue

Residents at Kingspoint photo by Tamarac Talk

Residents at Kingspoint photo by Tamarac Talk

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything?” This morning at Kings Point, hundreds of angry residents protested the proposed charter high school, while City Commissioner Diane Glasser sat there mutely, sharing no opinion one way or another.

It was standing room only for a charter school meeting that was supposed to be led by the principal of the proposed Doral Academy. However, City Manager Michael Cernech advised him not to come. Cernech, in what probably was his worst day ever (next to getting a back rub from recalled City Commissioner Patte Atkins-Grad), took to the podium to face the angry crowds.

But in a telling moment about their very own city commissioner, Glasser sat front and center in the audience, refusing to share her opinion of the new charter school that was clearly not wanted by her very own constituents.   Glasser could have been the hero of her residents today. Instead, she said nothing.

After being confronted, she said she hadn’t decided because she hadn’t heard all the facts.

City Commissioner Diane Glasser

City Commissioner Diane Glasser

Here are some facts for Glasser:

  • A request for proposal went out by city staff led by the city manager.
  • It’s proposed to be built near Kings Point. 
  • A company has hired an architect and has a design.
  • Her constituents don’t want it.

Glasser clearly doesn’t have the chops, or the integrity, to represent her district well. Besides employing someone that has stolen from the Democratic party back in 2012 while she was serving as Broward Democratic Party State Committeewoman,  she had confessed to having short-term memory problems at the trial of Patte Atkins-Grad, back when she accepted a gift from the Chaits in a paper bag for her help.

No, Glasser no longer has the chutzpah nor the drive to stand up and say “no” to her city manager,  who, I may add, works for her and the rest of the city commission as they decide his contract.

Although the charter school will come before the commission for a vote,  if Glasser stood up for her residents, this would not have gotten this far and angered so many.

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