Local Author Deborah Barnes shares incredible story in “The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey”

Author Deborah Barnes, a long-time resident of Coral Springs, Florida proudly announces the release of her first and stunning new book, “The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey — A Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary.”

“Sometimes in life, we are faced with challenges and circumstances that we did not expect. And sometimes as a result of these events, we learn lessons along the way and become a better person,” said author Deborah Barnes. “What makes this story so appealing is that it is told through the personal trials and tribulations of my own life in the context of everyday situations that anyone can relate to. You’ll certainly laugh, and occasionally you will cry, but most of all, you’ll learn the most important lesson of all – to embrace the ordinary in your life and dare to make it extraordinary.”

Local Author Deborah Barnes shares incredible story in "The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey" 2
The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey

In The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey, author Deborah Barnes narrates the true story of the powerful and inspirational relationship that is formed between herself and her cats in a tale that is sure to tug at the heartstrings of animal lovers everywhere. Combining a warm, conversational, and humorous style of writing accompanied by stunning photographs, charming artwork, and custom illustrations, readers are invited into the magical world of the author’s two amazing cats; Zee, a lovable male Maine Coon, and Zoey, a free-spirited female Bengal, as well as an evolving cast of feline and human characters in a compelling story that will capture your heart on many different levels.

The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey has already gained critical attention and recognition:

“The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey will make you laugh, smile, and occasionally wipe away a few tears. A treasure for cat lovers of all ages.” — Ingrid King, author, Buckley’s Story

“Zee & Zoey are the charismatic stars of The Chronicles, but Deborah Barnes also introduces readers to the evolving cast of characters of an entire feline community. I was immersed in the richness of their lively stories and the laughter and tears that are part of sharing our lives with these sensitive creatures. The author exquisitely captures how they give us so much in exchange for so little. This book may be the most inspired and rewarding read of the year for anyone who has ever known or loved an animal.”Carol M. Upton, Freelance Writer, Co-Founder Sunshine Coast School of Writing.

“The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey are a treasure, simply enchanting, captivating and engrossing, both as a true story the author shares about her life with her feline clan, and as a visual masterpiece of stunning photographs and delightful artwork. They say animals are drawn to those who emit a ‘blue light’ and Deb must have this aura radiating from her like a floodlight because she doesn’t just write about her love for her cats, she LIVES it as well. Because of this innate understanding she has for this beloved species and the trust they have for her, she is able to translate the most ordinary of everyday life events into a story that is nothing less than extraordinary.”Caren Osrin-Gittleman, Pet Blogger & Freelance Writer

This beautiful book would make a great holiday gift to any pet lover.  To order your copy, go to: www.ZeeZoey.com This book can be purchased on Amazon.com as well, however, on the author’s site, all books are mailed with her signature leopard tissue wrap and sticker and also come with a keepsake bookmark and an inscription can be requested.

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