Local Teacher Publishes Award-Winning Mystery Novel

Local Teacher Publishes Award-Winning Mystery Novel 1

Diane Weiner

By: Carly Levy

A Tamarac middle school teacher has published her eighth book becoming a finalist for the 2017 Eric Hoffer Awards in General Fiction.

Diane Weiner’s new novel, Murder is Chartered, is part of a collection of books in a mystery series that centers around a retired music teacher named Susan Wiles who solves crimes. 

In the book, when her protagonist feels something hit her car late at night, she discovers that it is the assistant principal of the school where she volunteers. With the help of her detective daughter, Wiles is on a mission to find the truth before tragedy strikes again.


Three years ago, Weiner had aspirations of writing books. She would think of all kinds of eery situations that could occur within the school where she would be working. After taking a workshop in Delray Beach called Mystery University, Weiner would began writing 70 hours a day all summer long. Inspired by the author of the Nancy Drew series as well as Mary Higgins Clark, Weiner wanted to give readers cozy mysteries for adults that would not give them nightmares by the time they were finished reading.

“I like figuring out the puzzle part and figuring out where to place the clues” said Weiner.  “I like the logic behind it and that there is a reason to read the book. You want to read it and find out what happens.”

Weiner currently teaches at Millennium Middle School. A native from Highland, New York, Weiner has made Coral Springs her home for the past three years. She decided to move to Florida after her brother told her about all of the teaching jobs that were available in the area. She lives with her husband of 31 years, two cats, and her white, fluffy dog.

Weiner hopes that Florida residents are able to relate to many of the elements that are present in her books, such as retired people who still lead an active life as well as what it is like to be a teacher. She also hopes to attract new readers to her series and that they care more and more about what happens to the character of Susan Wiles.   

Murder is Chartered, by Cozy Cat Press, is now available on Amazon. Murder is Chartered on Amazon

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