“I’m Going to Stab You”: Man Arrested After Threatening Woman and Slashing Her Tires Over Late Night Lyft Driver Shift

"I Will Stab You": Man Arrested After Threatening Woman and Slashing Her Tires Over Late Night Lyft Driver Shift

Lyns Cearc. {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A man faces felony assault with a deadly weapon, criminal mischief, and child neglect charges after allegedly threatening to stab a woman for working too late.

On August 1, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office responded to a Tamarac residence in response to a reported domestic assault involving a deadly weapon. 

Upon arrival, deputies encountered a visibly upset victim who alleged to officers a man, later identified as Lyns Cearc, 41, had threatened to stab her and slashed her tires so she could not escape. 

According to the arrest report, the altercation that led to Cearc’s violent threats reportedly started when the victim returned home around 6:00 a.m. after working overnight as a Lyft driver. 

The victim told deputies Cearc, upset at her late arrival, took possession of her wallet and refused to return it. According to the victim, she attempted to take her wallet back from him, to which Cearc responded by taking a silver pocket knife out and allegedly told the victim, “If you touch me, I’m going to stab you.”

Fearing for her safety, the victim told deputies she ran outside and locked herself in her car but discovered that her tires had been slashed, making it undrivable. 

At that point, the victim explained how she called 911 to report the incident, but while she was in her car calling law enforcement, Cearc came outside and admitted to damaging the tires, promising to replace them.

Unwilling to reconcile and aware he had a knife, the victim told deputies she chose not to open the car door, believing her life was in danger.

Upon arrival, deputies confronted Cearc in the apartment, but initial attempts to communicate were met with resistance as he resisted opening the door. 

After a few minutes, officers gained access and took Cearc into custody. During questioning, he denied the allegations of brandishing a knife and damaging the tires.

According to the arrest report, while Cearc was being restrained, a neighbor came outside and claimed to have witnessed him slashing the car tires.

Cearc was arrested and transported to the Broward County Main Jail, where he was held without bond. Among Cearc’s charges is the neglect of a child, yet at this time, no information in arrest report records provides details about this offense.

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