North Lauderdale Man Faces Charges for Prolonged Stalking, Death Threats Against Victim

North Lauderdale Man Faces Charges for Prolonged Stalking, Death Threats, and Fraudulent Activities Against Victim

Dain Oliver Crookendale

By Ryan Yousefi

A North Lauderdale man was arrested and charged with stalking and criminal use of an ID after allegedly terrorizing a victim and her family for years.

On February 27, the Sunrise Police Department contacted a woman who claimed that a man, later identified as Dain Oliver Crookendale, 47, had been violating a July 2022 court order that banned him from contacting her.

At the time of the initial meeting, the woman presented law enforcement with cellphone screenshots of his incoming calls and texts as proof he had violated the judge’s no-contact order, the result of his constant stalking of the victim and alleged death threats he had made. 

According to the victim, at the time, she had filed at least 15 domestic violence reports in the past against Crookendale in what she believed were desperate attempts to save her own life.

Many of the reports are documented by law enforcement, describing years of chaotic scenes involving firearms, stalking, and fraudulent activity by Crookendale that impacted her family’s finances. 

Within the reports are multiple concerning examples of Crookendale terrorizing the victim, including missing doorknobs and an instance where the victim discovered bullet holes in the roof of her home.

On March 1, officers contacted Crookendale to confront him with the victim’s evidence. Crookendale maintained to officers that he had not contacted the victim and allowed officers to review a new cellphone he claimed would prove his innocence. 

According to records, on April 6, the victim once again contacted law enforcement to insist her case be re-opened because additional instances of contact by Crookendale put her in fear for her life.

During a renewed investigation of the matter, officers obtained T-Mobile phone records that showed Crookendale had continued calling the victim and even leaving voicemails, one of which he apologized and asked for her to continue “relations” with him.

Key in the victim’s concerns is multiple instances of Crookendale referencing taking her and his life, going as far as to reference deceased relatives, further alluding to thoughts of the victim and his death.  

Records show Crookendale also wrote a letter to the victim on her birthday, signing it “To my loving wife.” 

During multiple interviews of the victim, officers note her being in tears and expressing that she feels like a prisoner in her own home because Crookendale constantly drives by her home and has even contacted her underage daughter and elderly father requesting she forgive him.

On April 25, Crookendale was arrested and charged with stalking and domestic violence.

David Mohabir

On April 27, officers presented Crookendale – still being held in the Broward County Jail at the time–  with additional risk prevention and no contact orders, specifically those that called for him to no longer have firearms. 

During the visit, Crookendale consented to allow officers to search his residence to seize any firearms. 

On May 1, the victim and multiple family members visited the Sunrise Police Station and presented officers with images of Crookendale holding a firearm to his head in the presence of his daughter. 

The family also brought forth proof of specific internet searches he had recently made, including those that attempted to obtain property appraisals for real estate in the victim’s name. 

On July 31, Crookendale was taken into custody near the 7100 block of Commerical Boulevard in Tamarac and was transported to the Broward County Main Jail.

There is no mention of specific details about the financial fraud allegations against Crookendale in the public reports. 

Investigations into various claims and past alleged crimes Crookendale committed against the victim and her family are ongoing.

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