Man Arrested for Abusing 911 System with Complaints about Noisy Children


Alan Dworkin

Alan Dworkin

By: Sharon Aron Baron

A Tamarac resident was arrested and charged with abusing the 911 system with repeated calls to police after he told them he was bothered by noisy children playing nearby.

According to the report, BSO Deputy Jeffrey Bickel arrived at the home of Alan Dworkin, 58, in Versailles Garden Condominiums on South Colony Circle because dispatch had told them a male caller was continually calling 911 and hanging up. Dispatch also advised the officer that he called again and began to use vulgar language.

The officer recognized the name and address of the suspect because of an ongoing dispute between him and other neighbors throughout the building regarding children making noise downstairs. Dworkin always had the same complaint: the children made too much noise when they were out front playing and the parents weren’t doing anything about it. Residents had notified the officer that Dworkin would yell obscenities directed at both the children and the parents.

According to Deputy Bickel, Dworkin would always become offensive and argumentative during the investigation. Because he was continually utilizing 911 to complain, he was advised not to do so unless it was for emergency purposes. It was explained to him that noisy children did not constitute an emergency.

On July 2, Deputy Bickel wrote in his report that he did not witness any children playing or making noise. However, Dworkin stepped out of his residence, again directing his complaints about the children saying to the officer, “You motherfuckers never do anything about this.”

It was confirmed that Dworkin had called 911 six times in a time span of 11 minutes and some calls were hang ups, and others included vulgar language from the caller.

Deputy Bickel handcuffed Dworkin and placed him under arrest at which time he confirmed that it was his number that made the calls. Dworkin told the officer that he was frustrated with the children’s noise and called 911.

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