Mayor Says He Cannot Legally Comment on Proposed Charter School

By: Sharon Aron Baron

For months, residents of Tamarac have been asking their elected officials to comment, at least say something about the charter school that is being proposed on seven acres at the Sports Complex on Nob Hill Road.

But for months the mayor and commissioners have been relatively mute.

Were they directed by someone not to comment? 

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Since this is only a proposal and “not a done deal” as Mayor Dressler told the crowded room at the community center on Thursday night, then why couldn’t they share their thoughts?

Dressler stated on the video that he wanted to explain why none of the commissioners can give an opinion on the school, including himself. He said that people approached him in January and asked him what he thought about the charter school, even inviting him to answer questions.

“What I said was no,” said Dressler. “And the reason why is there is no way I or any of my colleagues can legally comment on something that’s not a deal yet.  It may never be a deal.”

Did you get that? 

Dressler informed the crowd last night that he could not legally comment on this item. This meeting on Thursday night was noticed to the public, so they weren’t violating any Sunshine Laws, nor is the matter quasi-judicial.  This is where the item is actually on the agenda and they would be hearing evidence for and against the proposal. The charter school has never been on the agenda and there is no reason any of these commissioners cannot legally discuss the charter school with their constituents.

Unless – they prefer not to.  However, if they choose not to, then what kind of representatives are they?

The most telling moment of the night was when a resident asked Commissioner Diane Glasser if she had any compassion for her constituents.  She became angry and yelled, “There is no compassion in this, it’s all business.”

At least be honest with the residents that took the time to attend. Tell them you prefer not to discuss the school because you find the topic too controversial, but don’t mislead them into believing that there are legal ramifications for doing so. 

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