Neighborly Love Triangle Ends with Arrest of Husband and Wife

Neighborly Love Triangle Ends with Arrest of Husband and Wife

Scott Vidal and Marly Rodriguez. {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A chaotic result of a neighborly love triangle led to the arrest of a husband and wife accused of shattering a victim’s front door and threatening him with a firearm.

On August 31, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office responded to the residence in Tamarac Lakes in a dispute between neighbors that reportedly involved a firearm at the 4500 block of Northwest 17th Terrace.

BSO deputies contacted the victim, who explained the incident began after he exited his residence to investigate screaming in his front yard.

As the victim opened his door, he told deputies his neighbors, later identified as Scott Vidal, 55, and Marly Rodriguez, 50, of Tamarac, were aggressively running toward his home, causing him to lock the door quickly.

Soon after, the victim claims his hurricane-proof glass front door was shattered, causing him to call 911 out of fear for his safety.  

The victim provided law enforcement with a backstory. He had been recently invited to Rodriguez’s residence the previous week when her husband, Vidal, wasn’t home. 

During this visit, the victim claims Rodriguez allegedly began kissing and “sucking on” his tongue and that he had put his hand “in her pants,” but they didn’t have sex. 

During the investigation, deputies discovered a police report filed by Rodriguez on August 28 referencing the same incident involving the victim, which raised questions about why Vidal’s reaction had been so extreme and what indeed occurred that day. The victim explained he believed this was the day Rodriguez informed her husband of their sexual encounter and that her story was inconsistent with what happened. 

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Surveillance footage from the victim showed Vidal and Rodriguez exiting their residence and approaching his home, and he rushed inside. The video shows Vidal attempting to open the front door forcefully using a propane tank from the victim’s patio. At the same time, Rodriguez stood in the street holding a firearm and reportedly uttered threatening statements, including, “I want to shoot him.”

Vidal, wielding the propane tank, can be heard screaming at the victim’s home, “You want to rape my f***ing wife,” before shattering the victim’s hurricane-proof glass front door. Rodriguez is then seen grabbing Vidal’s arm, saying, “I want to fucking kill him first!”

Rodriguez and Vidal eventually returned to their residence, but as the victim reopened his door and the couple re-approached his residence, Rodriguez, still wielding the firearm, threatened the victim, stating, “I’m going to shoot him the Italian way,” before the victim retreated inside his home. 

She continued to point her firearm at the victim’s home while threatening him, saying, “I’m going to cut his f***ing throat.”

Ultimately, the couple crossed the street and re-entered their residence without further confrontation.

Following a thorough investigation, deputies arrested both Vidal and Rodriguez. Vidal has been charged with firing a missile into a dwelling, while Rodriguez faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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