New Report Highlights Disparities Facing Broward’s Hispanic, Black Populations

New Report Highlights Disparities Facing Broward's Hispanic, Black Populations

By Kevin Deutsch

A new analysis sheds light on challenges facing Broward County’s Hispanic and Black populations, highlighting disparities in education, public health, and income, among other areas.

The State of Hispanic and Immigrant Broward 2022 report, issued by the service organization Hispanic Unity of Florida, found the percentage of Broward’s Hispanic families with children living in poverty is twice as high as White families and nearly four times higher among Black families.

The analysis, performed in tandem with the Urban League of Broward County’s State of Black Broward analysis, says it provides a comprehensive, holistic analysis of key population, economic, and social trends, factors, and conditions that allow for an informed discussion on racial and ethnic equity and disparity issues facing Broward County and its municipalities.”

Among the report’s other economic findings:

-The median household income of Hispanic households in Broward is 87 percent of White households.

-Labor force participation rates for Broward County’s Hispanic population (71.6 percent) and Black population (71 percent) are significantly higher than Broward County’s White, Non-Hispanic population (58.9 percent) and that of the U.S. population (61.8 percent).

-According to 2019 estimates, the per capita income of Black and Hispanic Broward residents are 48 and 59 percent of White residents, respectively.

Inside the classroom, Hispanic and Black residents also face challenges:

-The report found disparities in scores between Advanced Placement (AP) Exams taken by White students and Hispanic and Black students. It also found that most Broward County Public Schools given a C or D grade are located in communities with high concentrations of Hispanic and Black populations.

-Only 31.3 percent of Broward’s Hispanic residents and 21.5 percent of Broward’s Black residents 25 years of age or older have a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 40.2 percent of White Broward residents.

Among the report’s findings in the area of health:

-The HIV diagnosis rate among Broward’s Hispanic population has increased from 30.8 per 100,000 in 2010 to 36.0 in 2019, while the percentage of Broward’s uninsured Hispanic and Black populations has decreased over the last five years.

-Hispanics are three times more likely to be uninsured (18.2 percent) compared to the county’s uninsured white population (5.9 percent). Black uninsured levels (10.1 percent) are double that of the county’s uninsured White population (5.9 percent).

-According to 2019 estimates, the percentage of Broward’s uninsured Black and Hispanic populations has decreased over the last five years. However, the percentages of the county’s uninsured Hispanic population (18.2 percent) and Black population (10.1 percent) far exceed the county’s uninsured White population (5.9 percent).

-Survey results found the rate of children born to obese mothers was substantially higher among Broward’s Black residents (33.6 percent) than White residents (19.4 percent). The rate of births to obese mothers was also higher among Hispanic residents (22.6 percent) than White residents.

The report also found significant disparities in housing, including:

-Higher levels of cost-burden and overall housing distress (i.e., age, condition) in Broward’s less affluent Hispanic and Black communities. 

-Homeownership rates are significantly lower among Broward’s Hispanic and Blacks populations than among Whites. The report also found significant fair housing and lending issues in Broward. 

-Home purchase-loan denial rates are much higher among Hispanic and Black applicants than White applicants.

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Kevin Deutsch
Kevin Deutsch
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