No Warm Welcome Back For Returning Tamarac City Commissioner

No Warm Welcome Back For Returning Tamarac City Commissioner 1

Patte Atkins-Grad’s first day back as City Commissioner

It was Patte Atkins-Grad’s first meeting since being acquitted on corruption charges,  and it appeared that the Mayor and Commissioners were treating it just like any other workshop meeting, which included no acknowledgment of their recently reunited colleague.

There was no public welcome for Atkins-Grad, who hasn’t appeared at a city commission meeting since 2010, as she slipped in before the Pledge of Allegiance without any fanfare or acknowledgment from the Mayor or other commissioners.

Maybe they held a private party in the back out of view of the public?

If not, they did not indicate that Atkins-Grad was back, or even missed a day of work, much less two years.

No Warm Welcome Back For Returning Tamarac City Commissioner 2

Harry Dressler will be appointed the next Vice Mayor of Tamarac

The workshop meeting stayed focused on the agenda. It was attended by the same residents and department heads in the audience.

Video photographers from the Sun-Sentinel and Channel 10 News attended, hoping to catch a statement from Atkins-Grad but inevitably would leave empty-handed.

On the agenda was a legislative update from lobbyist Ron Book and an update on the expanded bikeway.

Harry Dressler would also be appointed as Vice Mayor after Michelle Gomez stepped down once Atkins-Grad was acquitted.

The meeting was adjourned with no statements to the press.

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