Owner Believes Cat was Attacked by Coyote in Tamarac

Mia2By: Sharon Aron Baron

When someone opens a door, Mia the black and white striped cat frequently slips out of the Murillo’s home to get some fresh air on the back porch, but will always meow when she wants to come back in, especially when she’s hungry.

But on Thursday morning when Tyler Murillo, 19, discovered that Mia never ate her breakfast which he said “she never misses,” he became worried.  The family looked everywhere.  He said that Mia always stays close to the home, which backs up to one of the 18-hole golf courses of the Woodlands Country Club in Tamarac. 

Tyler Murillo believes these are coyote prints behind his home

Tyler Murillo believes these are coyote prints behind his home

Around 8 p.m on Thursday, Tyler’s mother Jacqueline called him up at work and told him she had found a clump of Mia’s fur behind their home.  He investigated further today and discovered three sets of footprints nearby in the sand traps  which be believes may be from a coyote.

This isn’t the first incident about coyotes in the Woodlands Country Club, over the years there have been several stories of animals being attacked by coyotes that call the community their home.  In August, we wrote about a Yorkie who was attacked in the owner’s backyard by a coyote but was released when the owner ran towards it.

Mia was an adopted cat whose mother, along with her kittens, were found at an elementary school where Jacqueline worked.  Several teachers adopted the five week-old kittens including Jacqueline, who adopted Mia. Tyler said she got along great with their two dogs. 

The family isn’t positive a coyote has taken the cat. If Mia was scared, she could have run away, and not being familiar with the area outside her home, may be lost.  They are asking if anyone has seen their cat to contact them and let them know.  954-731-2524.

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