Looking Back at Pastor Bolton’s Easter Sunday Mix-Up: Claims Holiday Actually Falls on Mystery Day of the Week

By Ryan Yousefi

Gather round, children; it’s time to once again tell the age-old Easter story of how a Tamarac commissioner and pastor caused confusion and hilarity by claiming that Easter Sunday doesn’t fall on a Sunday.

Easter Sunday is one of the most important holidays in the Christian calendar, celebrated worldwide as a day of resurrection and new beginnings. However, in 2021, Tamarac Commissioner Pastor Marlon Bolton sparked confusion and amusement when he claimed that Easter Sunday doesn’t fall on a Sunday.

While most learned Easter Sunday falls on the only day of the week named Sunday before they knew the Easter Bunny isn’t real, in 2021, condescending man-baby and Tamarac Commissioner Pastor Marlon Bolton famously made it clear that he must have missed that day of daycare. 

Back then, Tamarac Talk reported that Bolton, who, again, is a pastor of the Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach Church in North Lauderdale, took it upon himself to correct Tamarac Mayor Michelle Gomez when she dared chime in and add to a conversation being had about holiday schedules the apparent fact that Easter Sunday falls on a Sunday. 

Seemingly offended by being fact-checked all the way back to kindergarten, Prophet Fire, as Bolton is also known, was having none of it, promptly, in the most snark-filled Cadberry egg way ever,  informed Gomez that Easter actually doesn’t normally fall on a Sunday.

As evidenced in the video, you could have cut the confusion in the room, and mansplaining, in the air with a butter knife.

Either Bolton had just uncovered some hidden knowledge that had been eluding the rest of us for centuries, or all this time, there was another Sunday only he was aware of. 

To this day, his claims remain an Easter mystery, or miracle, depending on who you ask.

In all fairness, we can understand where Bolton might have gotten confused. After all, there are so many religious holidays out there it’s easy to mix them up. 

Who can forget the great Hanukkah Tuesday debacle of ’92? Or the time when Prophet Fire tried to celebrate Ramadan on a Thursday?

Good times.

We hope two years later Pastor Bolton has come to terms with the fact that Easter Sunday is, in fact, celebrated on a Sunday, but who knows – it’s a crazy alternative-facts world out there.

Regardless if he’s figured it out by now or not, we commend him for, at the very least, giving it a good old Easter try.

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Ryan Yousefi
Ryan Yousefi
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