Reserve Your Space at the Free Vegan Buffet in Tamarac

Reserve Your Space at the Free Vegan Buffet in Tamarac 1

Earthsave Miami

By: TEAMearthsave

Eating vegan food has scientifically proven health benefits plus, it is compassionate to animals and protects the environment.  Enjoy our free, monthly delicious-nutritious buffet meal by Chef Brook Katz with no meat, eggs, or dairy products. 

On Friday, January 26, at 5 p.m., EarthSave, City of Tamarac, Hostess Estela, Chef Katz and VeganMan invite residents for food, open mic, lecture by Dr. Peter Steele ‘The Barefoot Physician,’ Vegan Rewards and CashRaffle GiveAways.

The catch?  Bring either bring a reusable (eco-friendly) place setting or donate $1. Early birds get a bonus white ticket.  Vegtastic Open Mic serves up testimonials, vegan-themed music, poetry, public readings from “Powerful Vegan Messages” or “Why I Will Always Be Vegan.”

EarthSavers may expect a fascinating lecture ‘Oriental Medicine & Plant-Based Food’ by Dr. Steele, vegan, physician, Florida Master Naturalist, Master Gardener and sailor.

RSVP before January 24th for an assured meal at: 954-971-4432 or  Mark your calendar for Paradise Ballroom, Tamarac Community Center at 8601 W Commercial Blvd, Tamarac, FL 33351.  “If you try it you will like it – and it will like you.”

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