Rob’s Bageland and Denny’s Cited for Health Violations in Tamarac


By Kevin Deutsch

Two Tamarac restaurants were temporarily shut down by state health inspectors this month for a host of violations, records show.

Inside the first eatery, Rob’s Bageland, 8217 NW 88th Ave., inspectors found small, live flying insects in the kitchen, the food preparation area, and the food storage and bar areas, according to a state inspection report. Around 20 flies or more were spotted in the server area landing on cups and straws used to serve guests, the inspectors said.

Around 70 or more flies were also seen flying around a hallway leading to the server area, records show. Another 40 or more of the insects buzzed around the food preparation area and landed on a cutting board, food grinder, pots, ovens, and walls.

Thirty-five flies or more were also found in other parts of the restaurant, according to the report.

Inspectors said they also found dirty walls in the eatery, a moldy can opener, water draining on part of the floor, an improperly stored toxic substance, and food stored at unsafe temperatures, records show.

The other restaurant temporarily ordered closed in Tamarac was Denny’s, 5710 N. University Dr., where inspectors found 16 violations, including live and dead roaches on the premises, according to the inspection report.

They found three dead roaches in the restaurant’s dining room, one next to the dish room area, one under a kitchen sink, two on a bread shelf, and two next to the ice machine, the report states.

Inspectors also found live roaches, including one on the cook’s line next to the bread shelf. Roach excrement was also found near cooking areas, according to the records.


The restaurant was also cited for sewage wastewater backing up through floor drains. Inspectors found the liquid backing up from a floor drain at the cook line after nearby sinks and toilets produced an “objectionable odor,” the records state.

Live flies, mold, dirt, and bad odors were also found in other parts of the restaurant, inspectors said.

Both Denny’s and Rob’s Bageland were ordered closed on July 11 and reopened on July 12, according to the state.

The state regularly conducts inspections of public food, service, and lodging establishments to ensure compliance with Florida’s sanitation and safety laws.

According to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, each inspection report is a “snapshot” of conditions during the inspection.

“On any given day, an establishment may have fewer or more violations than noted in their most recent inspection,” according to the agency. “An inspection conducted on any given day may not be representative of the overall, long-term conditions at the establishment. Because conditions can change rapidly, establishments are not graded.”

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