School Board Candidate Update for Tamarac

School Board Candidate Update for Tamarac 1


On August 14, voters will have a chance to elect the next school board member to represent Coral Springs, Parkland, Margate, Tamarac and North Lauderdale.

There are five  excellent candidates, so read them here on Coral Springs Talk and make your decision in just a few weeks at the polls.

Rochelle “Shelly” Solomon

School Board Candidate Update for Tamarac 2

Shelly Solomon

Background: Rochelle “Shelly” Solomon is the proud mother of Lexi, 7th grade, Jake 8th grade and twins Ashley and Adam, seniors. Shelly is a Florida Bar attorney, a certified life coach, certified mental toughness coach (Shelly also coaches/mentors student athletes) and a child advocate. Shelly was a former professional tennis player on the Women’s Tennis Association, graduated Cum Laude from UCLA and Cum Laude from Nova Law School. Shelly has spent a good part of her life volunteering in the Broward County community, and for the last 12 years in the schools at the local level, in the district and in Tallahassee. Shelly spent the last year doing community work with Anti-Bullying efforts collaboratively with the BSO, Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center, with local businesses that are partners with the schools and with city/education committees. After spending considerable time with students, parents, teachers, business and community leaders; Shelly filed to run for School Board so she could be the voice representing the diverse needs of all District 4 communities and ensure all Broward County students receive a quality education in a safe learning environment.

Shelly will continue to knock on doors meeting voters and connecting at community events. Shelly believes strongly in grassroots efforts and in working with all who have a stake in education. She heard over and over that people need to feel their voices matter and that they have someone who will listen and advocate. Students, parents, teachers, businesses and City Officials are all part of a partnership with the School District and they deserve the best customer service from their schools, the District and from their Board member.

Issues Shelly will pursue:

1. Fully fund the classroom and have equity of resources,
2. A National Norm Reference Achievement Test to measure some part of student achievement and learning gains. (not the FCATs),
3. Fair and just compensation for all employees.
4. Rigorous AND relevant coursework including art and physical activities and;
5. Ensure schools are safe and there is full implementation of the Anti-bullying policy.

Shelly Solomon believes she is the wise choice for School Board, District 4. She is accessible 24/7 with an open door policy for ALL. She is an independent and critical thinker and very solution oriented. She gets along with her peers, is open to learning from others and will always model mutual respect. She will fight to make sure the budget process is vetted with the public, that the public feels their voice and input matters and that there is transparency and integrity with school and district decisions. She has the heart, passion, and experience and has collaborated to author School District Public Policy (the Anti-Bullying Policy). Shelly is research and detail oriented, does her homework, is current on School, District and State education issues and has a track record of proven results. She is available to speak with anyone who has a question, comment or suggestion. Please visit: She respectfully requests your vote August 14 to be your District 4 School Board Representative.

Andrew Ladanowski

I am active in local education issues; serving as chairman of the district’s Facilities Task Force, as well as serving on the  Coral Springs Charter School Advisory Committee. I am the owner of a small technology consulting company located in Coral Springs. I have two children in the Broward County public school system.  Although my son qualifies for a voucher, we chose to have him attend public school. My daughter has also attended public schools. She has attended Ramblewood Elementary, a magnet program for a year, and recently completed seventh grade in the Florida virtual school program. As a parent, we learned a lot about different delivery methods for education and the pros and cons of each.

Just received endorsements from Charlotte Greenbarg (immediate past president of the Broward Coalition of Condominiums, Home Owners Association & Community Organization, Inc.).
Received endorsement from school inspector and FBI award recipient Michael Marchetti who has been exposing corruption at the Broward County School Board for more than a decade.  Endorsement from Ted Mena former city commissioner of Coral Springs. The most import focus is just knocking on doors. I have knocked on over 3000 doors in the last few months listening to voters and their concerns.

Need to work on raising teacher’s salaries in the first half of their career. Need tough enforcement by allowing the canine units to sniff for drugs in our schools much like Coral Springs Charter School does. Look at providing cost effective health insurance to employees and their dependents. Stop corruption and waste in all departments.


I am the only candidate who has brought issues forward to the board and superintendent with respect to waste and abuse.
Only candidate in Broward county school board’s History to be endorsed by a whistle blower (Michael Marchetti).

Nick Steffens

As the son of a union pipe fitter and grandson of union workers, Nick is thrilled to garner the support of the Broward Teachers Union, Broward County AFL CIO, and the Broward County Police Benevolent Association.

Since those endorsements, Nick’s campaign has redoubled its efforts to contact voters directly to spread the word of this critical support.

Besides our standard door-to-door campaigning, we have sent personalized letters to thousands of District 4 residents letting them know about the campaign and our ideas.  The voters of the District are excited to know that there is one candidate that will clearly speak up for our children and the people who work every day to teach, protect and provide other services to our children.

When meeting voters, either one-on-one or in large groups, Nick has been telling them about some of the agenda items he will be pushing starting on Day 1. These include finding a way, either through a waiver, litigation or legislative change, to stop administering the high stakes testing in elementary schools; ending all leases with third parties and moving staff into unused school space and working with municipalities, local police and the Broward Sheriff’s Office to ensure that every school has at least one School Resource Officer so our children feel safe.

Nick is making the case that he cares deeply about the children of Broward County, evidenced by his service on Broward County’s Children Services Board, Parkland’s Education Advisory Board and being the only Dad to serve on his daughter’s PTO while not being affiliated with the Broward County School Board, which has been a systemic agent of fraud, corruption and waste for much of the past decade.  Voters are excited for a fresh voice to represent them on the School Board that is so strongly committed to working to benefit children.

Robert Mayersohn

School Board Candidate Update for Tamarac 3

Robert Mayersohn

Robert has a background that is uniquely fitting for a school board member. He grew up in a family surrounded by educators. Both his mom, a teacher and stepfather, teacher, principal, superintendent and college professor, taught him the value of education. Robert starting advocating for educational issue as early as a high school senior when he lead a group of students to speak before the Board of Education to rescind the budget cuts to extracurricular activities. Robert received a masters of science in communication and continues to be a lifelong learner. Seventeen years ago Robert started, and continues today, to operate a successful food brokerage business. Robert is an educational activist who currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Broward County Schools District Advisory Council. Robert also serves on numerous Broward County School Workgroup and Committees devoted to improving School Board policies and guidelines.  “One of my proudest achievements was being named as the 2011 volunteer of the Year by the Broward Board of Commissioners and the Broward Advisory Board for Individuals with Disabilities”

Robert is proud and honored to again be endorsed by two organizations that supported his candidacy in 2010. Both the Broward Principals and Assistant Associations and the Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtors Association have reiterated that Robert is the best-qualified candidate. Robert’s priority is putting our children first, that is why he and his Parkland Buddy Sports Board are working with the City of Parkland and local developers to create a one of a kind “No Limits” park whereby all children can be included. Those Mayersohn Campaign yellow T-shirts have been seen around town as well as the Blue Yard Signs. “People are calling me up to inquire how to I get one of those T-Shirts.”

Robert believes that it is paramount for the District to implement a cost study to determine the real cost to educate a child. “From a common sense approach, how can the State of Florida penalize a district for not meeting class size if they haven’t provided sufficient funding?” Robert also wants the district to include a “meet or release” clause in contracts. “If the district finds something for less, a vendor can either meet the price or release the district from the contractual obligations.”

First and foremost I am ready to hit the ground running. I have a well-established knowledge of school district policies, guidelines, needs, challenges and strengths. Being involved in numerous neighborhood activities, I have a respect for our community and value their input. In fact, Robert is the ONLY candidate who asked the people to put him on the ballot through the petition process, while the other candidates simply wrote a check. “ I believe I am the People’s Candidate, it is the people who put me on the ballot, it is the people who will put me on the Board.”

People who know Robert respect his strong analytic approach to the decision making process. Robert understands the need to find the right balance and the ability to envision the long-term implications. Robert believes that working well with others is also paramount to accomplish objectives. “ Sitting on numerous boards, I have learned that you have to earn people’s respect before they will listen to what you have to say. I believe I have earned that respect already.”

Finally, it is Robert’s deep-rooted passion to ensure that our kids are safe, receive the best education possible while maximizing their potential and are prepared to enter the work force or post secondary opportunities. . “ I don’t consider myself a politician. I have worked for the benefit of children before this Campaign, I will do it during and will continue to do it after, hopefully as a member of the Broward County School Board.”

Incontro Italian Cuisine Steakhouse

Abby Freedman

School Board Candidate Update for Tamarac 4

Abby Freedman

I am a mother and advocate for children in regular, special needs, and gifted programs via my three children who attend District 4 elementary, middle, and high schools. My business degree, law degree, and elementary education course work, along with my life experiences as a financial officer, budget coordinator, legal intern at the Pentagon, and elementary school teacher, will assist me to properly analyze situations, understand perspectives, and implement policies.

I am reaching out to the community in every way I possible: knocking on thousands of doors; personally making thousands of phone calls; friends making thousands of calls; advertising; and sending out literature. I want the voters to feel confident that I am the most qualified candidate and whatever I set out to accomplish it gets DONE!!!

My priorities are: lower class size and provide essentials to operate; retain and entice quality teachers; prevent waste and use a checks and balance system; put priorities and the budget in order; give students skills needed to succeed; and TEACH NOT TEST!!!

My background demonstrates that I bring a broad and unique perspective to the school board. Additionally, I am the only candidate for this seat who is not accepting donations from outside interests. I am running to be your next school board member so I can take special interests out of our schools and bring education back into the classroom where it belongs!!!

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