Tamarac Crime Update: Latest Incidents Through November 25

Tamarac Crime Update: Latest Incidents Through November 25 1By Jill Fox

Through our joint effort with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates to residents, this is a summary of crimes that occurred in Tamarac through November 25.  Names of those not arrested have been redacted.

Auto theft

6300 bock of Tamarind Circle – The Woodlands
On November 23, deputies met with the caller referencing her Silver Lexus, which was stolen out of her driveway overnight.

Auto theft – motorcycle

6100 block of Rock Island Road – The Moose Lodge
On November 22, the victim reported his motorcycle was stolen from the parking lot of the Moose Lodge, where he parked it overnight.


5700 block of NW 58th Ave – Woodland Meadows
On November 23, the victim reported her father grabbed her around her neck and punched her in the mouth. The second daughter attempted to intervene, during which time she was pushed to the ground and punched in the back by the father.

11000 block of Periwinkle Lane – Captiva Complex
On November 24, the victim got hit with a handheld mirror on his forehead. The victim was bleeding and had two lacerations on his forehead. He firmly advised he did not want to prosecute the suspect for the incident.

Burglary Conveyance

David Mohabir

8200 block of NW 68 Ave
On November 22, the victim reported his unlocked vehicle was burglarized. The items taken were $5.00 worth of coins and a multi-tool valued at $10.00. Latent Prints were collected.

5213 North State Road 7 – Trapeze
On November 22, an unknown subject(s) made entry into the victim’s unlocked vehicle. The victim’s iPhone 7 plus, Sony Bluetooth Headphones, and debit card were stolen from the center console. Latent prints were collected.

3000 block of West Commercial Blvd/NW 31 Ave – 3 Lakes Plaza
On November 23, a witness observed an unknown white Kia pull up and an unidentified male passenger exit. He then wrapped his right hand with a piece of material and smashed the passenger side window of an unoccupied parked white van. He then removed a bag that was on the front passenger seat and returned to the white Kia, where the driver backed up and fleed the parking lot. The incident was captured on dashcam.

Battery/Criminal Mischief

5300 block of North State Road 7 – Tamarac Square
On November 22, a known subject choked the victim after a verbal altercation. He then threw a solid metal object at the victim’s windshield, causing it to shatter. A not in custody probable cause affidavit was initiated on him for battery and criminal mischief.


3100 West Commercial Blvd – Classy Girl Beauty Supply
On November 19, the victim called to report an incident involving a 2-year-old breaking her phone. Both parties, the mother of the child and the victim, agreed to resolve the issue themselves.

7300 block of NW 85 Street
On November 19, a male was served a domestic restraining order by a female. His firearm was submitted into evidence for safekeeping.

5800 block of NW 57 Ave
On November 24, the reporting person wanted to report his wife’s friend stated she would “get him fixed” if he does not take care of his family. The reporting person believed “get him fixed” means to “get him killed.” The conversation took place over the phone. The reporting person and his wife are separated and in the process of getting divorced.

Missing person

Incontro Italian Cuisine Steakhouse

4800 block of NW 50 Court
On November 22, an elderly black male left his residence on foot and never returned. No medical or physical disabilities were reported.

Recovered Auto

3800 block of NW 49 Street
On November 22, a vehicle was towed from 1125 North Federal Hwy in Fort Lauderdale by Towmaxx. They were not notified at the time that the vehicle was stolen.

Theft – all other

7310 West McNab Rd – Five Elements
On November 22, a theft report was taken due to $200 being stolen from the victim’s purse.

David Mohabir

4631 NW 31 Ave – Vapes and Tobacco
On November 23, an unidentified male entered the store and took a cash register drawer and the contents.

Theft – retail, shoplifting

4197 West Commercial Blvd – Marshalls
On November 21, a male subject entered the store and took several clothing items, then walked out of the store without paying.

6401 West Commercial Blvd – Walgreens
On November 21, an unknown male suspect stole an unknown amount of detergent from the business.

3914 West Commercial Blvd – Walgreens
On November 22, a male placed $807.64 worth of merchandise in a sack, passed all points of sale, and fled. The subject was recognized by staff from a prior theft.

3915 West Commercial Blvd – CVS Pharmacy
On November 25, the assistant manager observed 4 to 5 unknown subjects (males and females) entering CVS and walking out with boxes of baby diapers and wipes. The subjects exited the store, passing all points of sale.


5500 block of NW 31 Ave – Prospect Park Apartments
On November 23, the victim advised that she believes a known person slashed the two passenger-side tires of her vehicle during the overnight hours while it was parked in the community parking lot. There was no witnesses/unknown video at the time.

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