Tamarac Man Allegedly Chokes Girlfriend For Waking Him Up, Blames Dog for her Injuries

Tamarac Man Allegedly Chokes Girlfriend For Waking Him Up, Blames Dog for her Injuries 3

Ronald Cupo

By Hank McCoy

A man allegedly choked his live-in girlfriend for turning the light on while he was sleeping, then blaming the dog for the marks she sustained.

On June 16, Ronald Cupo, 48, of Tamarac, was accused of domestic violence battery by strangulation from his girlfriend of one year. She claims Cupo got angry when she walked into the living room in their apartment, where he was sleeping and turned on the light.

In a statement to Coral Springs Police, the victim alleges, Cupo, chided her about turning the light on while he slept. Cupo became enraged and charged at her grabbing her by the throat with both hands, and choked her until she nearly lost consciousness. 

She had large red spots on her neck, consistent with a constricted airway, police determined.

Police arrived at the Coral Springs residence to find Cupo locked in the apartment. They waited patiently for him to open the door, giving him plenty of opportunities to exit the apartment, but he refused.  

After 30 minutes, Cupo exited the apartment, unprompted, claiming he didn’t do anything, and any injuries his girlfriend sustained were because of his dog. He allegedly became extremely uncooperative with police, refusing to clarify or dispute any of the facts from the incident.

He was subsequently detained and taken into custody by Coral Springs Police before being transferred to the Broward County jail for processing. 

The victim was provided with documents to obtain a restraining order and victim’s rights information.

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