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Broward-Brochures-campaignBy: Sharon Aron Baron

Dragging your feet getting that absentee ballot filled out and mailed? Maybe you’re considering voting at the polls on August 26.

Make no mistake: whether it’s August or November, voting is important and it’s important for our future.

Many of us complain about how our city, county or state is run. To change that, we all need to do our small part, and one of the ways is by you voting. Even during the primaries and non-presidential election years, it’s more important than ever. Why? Because we have a chance to elect the best qualified person to represent us on a local level.

When you vote in both the Primary and General Election for a couple years in a row, you earn the distinction of being a “super voter.” A super voter is important in every election. These are the citizens that care about their government – and in return, the politicians care about the super voters. I’m not insinuating super voters get quid pro quo from elected leaders, just that when candidates are campaigning, they’re going to find out who the super voters are, and may personally ask you for their vote. As a super voter myself, politicians usually will knock on my door because they know I’m a serious voter.  When they do, I tell them just what I’m looking for in a representative.

This fall, I’m not going to give recommendations on partisan elections, I’m just going to give recommendations on the school board and judicial races. It seems strange to even vote in a judicial races because I believe judges should be appointed based on merit. However, not only are our judges elected, they must also remain nonpartisan during their campaign. What we do know about them is what we read in the paper or find out on their mailers and websites.

My picks are candidates that I have gotten to know either personally, or have received professional recommendations. Some are endorsed by the Miami Herald as well.

School Board District 4

(representing parts of Tamarac)

Recommendation: Robert “Bob” Mayersohn

Circuit Judge 17th Judicial Circuit Group 8

Recommendation: Frantz “Jahra” McLawrence

Circuit Judge 17th Judicial Circuit Group 16

Recommendation: Russell M. Thompson

Circuit Judge 17th Judicial Circuit l Group 17

Recommendation: Julie Shapiro Harris

Circuit Judge 17th Judicial Circuit Group 27

Recommendation: Steven Brian Feren

County Court Judge Group 18

Recommendation: Ellen A. Feld

County Court Judge Group 27

Recommendation: Ian J. Richards

Vote in the Primaries on Tuesday, August 26 and the General Election November 4, 2014. Not sure where your precinct is? Find it here: Broward County Supervisor of Elections.

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Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron
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