The City of Tamarac Votes Yes to Start Streaming their Commission Meetings

The City of Tamarac Votes Yes to Start Streaming their Commission Meetings 2

The City of Coral Springs has been successfully streaming its commission meetings since 2003

Tamarac will finally start streaming their Commission Meetings in the future.

In September, the Mayor and City Commissioners voted to approve of live streaming of commission meetings at their budget hearing meeting.

Currently, 19 out of 30 cities in Broward County stream or air their meetings live.  Tamarac is the largest city that is not currently not doing this.

I wrote about this several times on Tamarac Talk.  I even stood before the commissioners during several meetings this year with streaming information.   Thankfully, someone listened, and this will finally become a reality.

When will this happen?

Nothing has been announced at this time.   I’m hoping city staff is working to find out more information as well as getting proposals together.

If they want more information, they can look no further than the City of Coral Springs, Matt Hoffman, Broadcast Communications Coordinator with the City of Coral Springs, says they have been streaming meetings since 2003.

When Beth Talabisco first ran for Mayor in 2006, this was her platform. She even had campaign mailouts saying that was one of her priorities.  After six long years, her campaign promise may actually be kept.

The city of Tamarac says it “Commits to Transparency” on its website, and finally, we may be able to see this for ourselves.

Note:  The last time the city discussed streaming or airing their meetings was in October of 2006. They said they would look into it again after a survey went out but never did.   The ball was surely dropped on this issue.

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