Tokyo Peking Express Shut Down Temporarily Following Serious Health Inspection Violations

Tokyo Peking Express Shut Down Temporarily Following Serious Health Inspection Violations

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By Ryan Yousefi

Tokyo Peking Express was recently ordered temporarily closed after a health inspection revealed multiple serious health and food violations.

On September 18, Tokyo Peking Express, located at 5857 North University Drive, was ordered to shut its doors temporarily after health inspectors uncovered a series of concerning violations during a recent inspection. 

Inspectors from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation documented the violations in a recent report, which included live and dead roach infestations, improper food storage, and issues with food-contact surfaces.

One of the most alarming findings was the presence of live roaches in various kitchen areas. The inspection report detailed roach activity observed under the water heater in the right corner of the kitchen next to the cook line, inside broken cove molding under the hand wash sink near the water heater, and inside the gasket of a three-door cook line flip-top cooler.

Inspectors found dead roaches on the premises, including one on a drain pipe from a hand wash sink in the ware washing area and inside a toolbox stored under low-top shelving holding the water heater.

The inspection also revealed a critical violation related to improperly storing raw animal food alongside ready-to-eat food in a freezer. Raw chicken, not in its original packaging, was stored above noodles in a reach-in chest freezer. This violation was marked as a repeat offense.

Temperature control issues were also identified, including cooked pork holding at 47°F, exceeding the safe temperature of 41°F. 

Lastly, a violation related to food-contact surfaces was noted, with a cut-off container used as a rice scoop, which is not considered smooth and easily cleanable.

As a result of these violations, Tokyo Peking Express was temporarily closed, pending corrective actions and re-inspection by health officials.

The restaurant must address all the identified issues before resuming normal operations.

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