City Honoring Veterans in “Wall of Honor” Project


The City if looking for Veterans to add to the “Wall of Honor” project. 

By: Sharon Aron Baron

The proposal for the “Wall of Honor” glass art project that will be installed in Veteran’s Park was submitted to the commission on Monday.

Glass artist Zachary Knudson was on hand along with members of the art committee to show the commission samples of the materials used for the project that will honor the patriotism and service of the City’s Veterans.  His series of handcrafted monuments, which will be illuminated at night, will encircle the park’s existing eternal flame sculpture.  Each glass wall, some with images, will be etched with the names, rank, military branch, and years of service of Veterans.

His most recent works include a 9-11 memorial for the city of Marathon Key and “Beyond” at the Coral Springs ArtWalk, which is a 13-foot tall infinity glass sculpture with powder-coated aluminum and LED lights.

Based out of Coral Springs, Knudson said he was proud to be a part of something that honors those that served. 

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“To immortalize the names of these brave men and women into solid glass where everyone can see them is a very special opportunity, and for that, I am grateful,” he said.  “To give back to those who gave so much is truly an incredible feeling, that being said, you will see a great deal of heart and soul put into the craftsmanship of this tribute wall. “

Proposed "Wall of Honor" project viewed during the day.

Proposed “Wall of Honor” project viewed during the day.

He said that the glass used will be three-quarter inch safety tempered glass that would take a hammer to make a small mark on it and is above and beyond what is generally used in hotels and railings and is meant for outdoors.

The total cost will be $88,000 and will be funded through Public Art through the “Percent-for-Art” program in which a percentage of all money collected from building permits is used for public art programs.

While discussing images that will be depicted on a couple of the panels, Commissioner Debra Placko said she didn’t want to see guns.

“I want to say up front that I sent Maxine [Calloway] a note saying I don’t want to see guns. I want people to walk up to these two front images and get a calm feeling rather than a gun feeling.  I would prefer not to see guns in images.”

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“I’m ambivalent about the guns too,” said Commissioner Pam Bushnell. “It’s a part of war, so I don’t an objection, but wouldn’t be offended if they showed up.”

“The military doesn’t refer to their weapons as guns,” said Dressler,  “I think out of respect for everybody on this one, we should defer to the Vet’s themselves and suggests some sort of informal poll asking them if the weapons thing bothers you.  Their opinion is what we’re looking at here.”

The City asks that the project is completed by this year’s Memorial Day.

The Tamarac Historical Society is currently collecting names of Veterans, and there will be no cost to be included. The criteria include an honorable discharge and proof of Tamarac residency – current or past.  For more information, contact the Tamarac Historical Society at 954-597-3629.

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