Broward County Democratic Chair Asks For Tougher Measures on Gun Shows

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Gun control was on the mind of Democratic Chairman Mitch Ceasar when he spoke to the crowd of over 400 committee members at the January meeting.

After the long-enduring Chairman was challenged for his seat in the December elections and won, it was back to business at the first meeting of the year along with a new executive committee.

The committee members may have changed, but Ceasar remained the charismatic and well-spoken leader who kicked off the new year with a passionate speech in the wake of several tragic events involving guns.

“How many times does negative history have to repeat itself without fail?” Said Ceasar, “We as a party have a responsibility and one of the responsibilities of this party is something that transcends elections and transcends politics. To do that we have to go through some yes’s and no’s.”

Democratic Chairman Mitch Ceasar at the January 2013 Meeting

Ceasar asked the audience to say “yes” to closing the gun show loophole so that those that buy guns have to go through screenings. He wants to start here and make it a national law. He said that besides assault rifles, magazine clips with over 10 bullets or more should be banned because, “I can’t remember the last time an AK47 was necessary for hunting rabbits.”

He told the audience that more than 50 percent of the states gather mental health data and more than half the states do not transmit that data to a federal data bank. So that when people are legally going through a screening process for a gun, and more than half the states, don’t participate in transmitting it to the federal bank,  this information never comes up. This allows people with mental instabilities to get guns. “I think we also have to say yes to changing that.”

We also have to say no to specific things Ceasar said. “Where there was a killing in a Colorado movie theater, one Republican Congressman’s brilliant answer was, ‘Well great, let’s pass a law that will allow people to carry guns into movie theaters.’ That was a brilliant response. And when the terrible slaughter of children in Connecticut occurred, another Republican genius said, ‘Let’s arm the teachers.’  We do have to say no to crazy ideas.”

Ceasar ended his speech with a message to the NRA: “What I would ask the NRA is when do their rights end, and when do our rights begin?” To which he received a standing ovation.

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  • I was under the understanding that the theater that shooting occurred at was a gun free zone. I was also under the understanding that all other shootings happened at gun free zones. Am I mistaken?

  • NamVet1971

    All but one of the recent mass killings took place in a posted gun free zone. The Second Amendment is not about hunting or target shooting, although the sport of three gun does require high capacity magazines. In fact a very high capacity magazine probably saved lives at Aurora, when it cause the weapon to jam.
    The Second Amendment is about self defense, and not just about self defense against criminals and crazies, but against those in government who would try and take away our inalienable rights, including the Second Amendment.
    Why would you need a 30 round magazine in a rifle or handgun? Simple, reloading in a firefight is a bad idea. Unlike Hollywood where people fly backwards and die immediately from gunshots, this does not occur in real life. If the bullet from a weapon had enough power to move a person, the person shooting that bullet would move the same amount in the opposite direction (if they were the same weight). This courtesy of Sir Thomas Newton and his second law of motion.
    Additionally, the effect of a gunshot has to do with the caliber of the bullet, the speed it is moving and where it hits. To completely incapacitate someone you need about three shots to the body and hit vital organs or blood vessels; if the person is on certain drugs, you might need six or seven or more. In a gun fight where both sides are shooting at each other, accurate fire is lost, due to the stress of the situation and the need to remain behind cover. This means that not every shot will hit the intended target and not every hit will be to a vital area.
    So why a 30 round magazine? A home invasion of 5 people could easily require six or seven shots to incapacitate all the criminals. Do the math. Why is a 30 round magazine the one most people use? Because it is the largest magazine that has been proven to be reliable in combat. If our military could find a larger magazine that was reliable, they would be using it.
    According to FBI statistics for the year 2011, rifles in general accounted for only about 3% of all firearms deaths. No assault weapons killed anyone in 2011. Most people don’t even know what an assault weapon is. It is a small caliber or larger caliber and lower powered weapon capable of controlled fully automatic or burst fire. It is not a high powered rifle. If it fired high power rounds, it would be impossible to control. The AR-15 sporting rifle uses a .223/5.56mm round. A round is made up of the bullet, the cartridge, the powder and the primer. Hunters use .223 rifles for very small game & varmint hunting. It is illegal to use for larger game in most states. The AK-47 uses a short 7.62MM round, weaker than the 7.62MM NATO round used in the M-60 machine gun or the old M-14 rifle.
    Those who claim that the AR-15 is a deadly weapon are wrong. Most military firearms are designed to wound the enemy, not to kill. The theory being that a wounded solder requires more people to care for him. Unfortunately, we have found that many of our enemies don’t care for their wounded as much as we do. Military ammunition uses an FMJ bullet. That stands for Full Metal Jacket. It is a bullet that is designed to penetrate and often to pierce light armor; it does not expand or create the large wounds hunting ammunition is designed to create.
    Most of the people involved in trying to restrict the ownership of firearms barely know which is the dangerous end.
    The city with the strictest gun regulations & laws is Chicago and the city with the highest firearms violence is… Chicago. Why? Criminals don’t obey laws. In Newtown, the gun laws worked, the shooter tried to buy a firearm and was turned down. So, what did he do? He broke the law and killed his mother to gain access to her weapons. Do you think another law would have stopped him?
    We protect our money (in banks) with armed guards, we protect government buildings with armed guards, why not protect our most precious resource, our children with armed guards? Using police officers would be way too expensive, so how could this be done effectively and economically?
    Use volunteer retired veterans and retired law enforcement officers who live in and around the community in which the school is located. Make sure they have CWPs, are checked out by the sheriff’s department and have them go through the state’s mandatory armed guard training. I am sure one or more of the local guard training companies would volunteer their time to train those who would protect our children.
    The number of guards at a school would be determined by the size and layout of the school.
    Arming teachers is not a bad idea, but relying on them to be the first line of defense is just stupid. Unless the teacher is former military or LEO, the training to get a CWP is in no way sufficient to prepare one to face an armed nut case intent on killing. The LEOs have the training and many of the military also have the experience.