Teed Off About Potential Golf Course Purchase

Who knew that the City of Tamarac was in the golf business?  While east Tamarac has two empty golf courses sitting near the Mainlands and Sabal Palm, the City has decided that it wants to buy one of Colony West’s courses for $3 million dollars to preserve green space.

What about the brown spaces out east?

Once again the eastern side of the city is overlooked while the city is using stockpiled reserve money to fund this purchase.

Our money.

Explain to all the residents of the Mainlands and Sabal Palm who look out to weeds and dirt, that Colony West will get a bail-out from the city.

Just think what $3 million dollars could do to beautify the eastern part of Tamarac.

We could get that park project going for part of Sabal Palm golf course near the Turnpike.   We could beautify our perimeters by building walls like Lauderhill which includes miles of landscaping.   How about using some of our money for bus shelters to keep our residents sheltered from the rain while waiting for the bus along Commercial Boulevard?   Since Broward County Transit won’t pay for these, the city hasn’t considered building any that BCT won’t provide for free.  Residents wait daily in the rain with no shelter, bench or even a garbage can nearby and seek shelter from nearby homes until the bus arrives.  Weston paid for beautiful bus shelters for it’s residents at a cost of $685,000.   These gorgeous shelters line their streets and they don’t even have the ridership that Tamarac has.

But buying golf courses?

Where were they when the Woodlands Country Club almost closed due to lack of cash?

You know what the Woodlands did?  They found a buyer through ClubLink Corp and closed the deal this past April.  If the officers at the Woodlands would have known the city was in the golf course business,  I’m sure that they would have made them a great offer.

Watch out, I hear that Woodmont Country Club is desperately seeking a buyer as well.

Just think, now the city manager and commissioners will have a place to play golf. On second thought, since we the residents are buying the course at Colony West, then we all should play for free.

Contact the city manager and commissioners today and tell them we don’t want our reserve money going to buy golf courses.

Mayor Bushnell Pamela.Bushnell@tamarac.org

Vice Mayor Gomez Michelle.Gomez@tamarac.org

Commissioner Swenson Marion.Swenson@tamarac.org

Commissioner Glasser Diane.Glasser@tamarac.org

Commissioner Dressler Harry.Dressler@tamarac.org

City Manager michaelc@tamarac.org

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Sharon Aron Baron

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  • Patti Lynn

    I do not know the complete details…BUT….it’s important that we keep the open spaces. The City needs to take a deep breath and realize that they are disenfranchising Tamarac residents east of University Drive. The fire station is moving; roadways and medians are NOT being given the the same focus as Pine Island & Nob Hill; other than the passive Caporella Park at Prospect & Commercial, the are no City parks or projects in District 1.
    What happened to the Sabal Palm & Monterey golf courses will remain a blot on Tamarac’s government, however, the City needs to move on and assure residents that this type of abomination will never recur.
    Tamarac Commissioners should take a deep breath and STOP spending money that taxpayers can ill afford. Fire fees are going up, yet the City has almost TRIPLE the recommended uncommitted funds for emergencies. That’s what is usually called a “slush fund.” Cut the fire fee; roll back the millage rate; reduce the surplus uncommitted funds.

  • kahuna

    You’re right Patti and Sharon. Once again the city Commission has come up with an elaborate plan to make a major land purchase, while at the same time crying they are short of funds to do what the people who elected them want. OOPS! Some of them weren’t actually “elected” were they? They were appointed because the elected officials were arrested! Has anyone looked in to cutting the cost of Tamarac government? Are the Commissioners getting rich pensions, health plans, car allowances, etc.?

    They say they want to preserve green space. Well, they already have the power to do that with the Colony West land because it is already zoned to be green space, and that can’t be changed without county and city approval. So what is the real motive? Is this going to be another “Main Street debacle where revenue generating land is taken off the tax roles?

    It’s time to generate interest in removing the present Commission and electing a new slate of residents that are for the beautifying of the city and listen to what the citizens want. Improve what’s East of University, beautify the medians, put up decorative entrances and walls, erect attractive bus shelters, have better architectural standards so companies have to buildbetter looking buildings like they do in surrounding cities, etc.

  • Richard in Mainlands 6

    Here’s what I think is rather peculiar …

    At the Tamarac City Commission meeting of September 14, 2011, a unanimous vote was recorded by those commissioners present to raise the Fire and Emergency portion of the 2012 tax assessments by approximately $65.00 per homeowner. Based on the figures presented at that commission meeting, I calculated that total increase to be approximately $2.8 million dollars for the 2012 fiscal year. According to the vocal presentations made by all commissioners present, this was an “imperative” need in order to properly fund the increased expenditures anticipated in the fire and emergency budgets for the City of Tamarac.

    Now, two weeks later, that same Commission was able to “find” $3.0 million dollars to purchase a golf course to preserve the green space that is already zoned and designated as such anyway.

    Am I the only one curious about the similarities of these two dollar amounts and the inexplicable logic in the funding decisions made by out City Commission?

  • Richard, at the hearing on September 26th, the money that would be used to pay for the golf course was going to come from reserves intended for Main Street development.
    My feeling is they were so exited over the potential savings in this purchase, they lost sight of the big picture which is, why continue having an organization run your new land purchase if they were unable to make money while owners? This is a losing proposition and I feel we don’t have any representation for those of us out East.

    It amazes me to believe that we have a Mayor and two commissioners that aren’t representing our interests out here.